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What To Do If You Lost Your Dog

No one plans to lose their dog. Maybe he slipped past you one day at the front door. Maybe he lunged forward unexpectedly on a walk and the leash slipped out of your hand. However your dog becomes lost, there are things you can do after he takes off down the street that could help you recover him faster.

The moment you realize that your pet is missing, it is important to take immediate action to enhance your chances of them returning home. Most dogs are recovered within 50 miles from where they first became missing. Often they are found by caring people wanting to assist them and many will take them home—often to a different city, county, or even a different state. This makes it very difficult for the family to locate their pet. It is not uncommon for the missing pet to then be passed through two or three different families within a short period of time, since the finder invariably gives the dog to a friend or relative. Unfortunately, many people assume that since the dog was running the streets, the family must not want the pet and doesn't care for him or her. And many people do not take the dog to the shelter out of fear that the dog may be euthanized. Here is a list of tips to help guide you in your search.






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