Siberian Huskies Available for Adoption

Second-hand dogs give first class love.

We have several huskies who are looking for a new home. They are loved and cared for until their forever home discovers them. Below we have a list of dogs who either reside in one of our foster homes or is a referral dog.

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Senior Dogs

We realize that most people want cute, fuzzy puppies, but our senior dogs can provide the same love and adoration as a puppy, without all that messy teething, chewing and training. Think of them as puppies without training wheels.

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Foster Dogs

These dogs reside in our foster care. They are loved and cared for as if they were our own. They are just waiting for the day when their forever home is discovered.

During their stay within a foster home, these dogs are assessed in terms of temperment, how well they get along with people, children, other dogs and even other animals, such as cats. They are also conditioned to learn some basic dog commands.

If you choose to meet one of our foster dogs, you will receive a full write up on our assessment of them during their stay with us. we do the best to match the dog's temperment with the needs of your family.

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Referral Dogs

These dogs currently live with a family or a friend who can no longer care for them and are awaiting for their new forever home. Tails of the Tundra has not evaluated these dogs and they are not a Tails of the Tundra dog.

We work with families to help find new homes for their dogs when the families have extenuating circumstances, such as an illness, that prevent them from being able to care for their canine friends. Because of logistics, we can only help those families in our area which is PA, NJ, NY, DE and MD.

If the foster space is limited and the family is willing to continue caring for the dog until he or she can be placed in a new home, we post the dog on this page to help the family find their friend a new home. Every dog posted on this page is spayed or neutered and up to date on shots.

Please understand that the write-ups on these dogs are based on what the owners tell us and we have not evaluated these dogs.

Shelter Dogs

We work with locals shelters, to find homes for Siberian Huskies and Husky mixes. If we have foster space available, we take the dogs out of the shelters, place them in foster care, and post them on our site

If you are still looking for that perfect family member and you don't see him here, feel free to contact a shelter of your choice directly or check out any of the online services below that may also help you find the dog you desire.

Getting a Good Match at Dog Shelters

A great checklist to help you find the perfect rescue or shelter dog.

Pet Adoption

Siberian Husky Rescue Site

The Siberian Husky Rescue Site lists additional rescue groups throughout the world.

Hugs for Homeless Animals

This site is a fabulous way to find any breed of dog throughout the U.S. Check out their "Snuggles Project," which provides warm, cozy blankets to animals in shelters.


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