Adoption Process

Second-hand dogs give first class love.

The Application Process

After you submit your adoption application, a member of our application committee will email or call you to confirm we have received your application. If you are emailed, expect a call within the next couple days to discuss and review your application. The reviewer will be asking questions and taking notes based on your answers to get an idea on what type of dog will be a good fit for both your family and any other pets in your home. This process is important in determining suitability for the actual adoption day. Once we have confirmed your personal information, we will then confirm your vet references. This may take between one and six days depending on the availability of the references, as vet offices are often busy and often we must wait for a return call. After the vet check is complete, we contact your personal references. Once they have been contacted, the application process is complete. At this point the approved applications are forwarded to one of our volunteers that is in charge of scheduling the appointment for your adoption and home check.

Adoption application

For those who rent their home or apartment, to show proof of the landlord's permission to own a Husky, please download the landlord permission form, fill it out an send it to the address on the form.

Landlord permission form

Our Adoption Donation Requirement

  • Puppies 6 months of age or younger require a donation of $325. In addition, for dogs less than 6 months old that are adopted before they are spayed or neutered, we require a $150 deposit (refunded when proof of spay/neuter is provided).
  • Dogs over 6 months and under 8 years old require a donation of $275.
  • Dogs 8 years and older require a donation of $150.

The Adoption Appointment

A volunteer scheduler will then contact you to review the dogs currently available in your area. In reviewing these dogs with you they will also go over the specifics of what you are looking for in your new dog. This helps the scheduler to try and pin point which dogs might be the best candidates to bring to your home taking into account things such as: if you have kids, dogs, cats, the height of your fence if you have one, the energy level you are looking for and more. The scheduler will discuss with the foster parents/owner surrenders your situation and any positives or negatives of their particular dog being suitable.The scheduler will also ask them to confirm their availability over the next 2 or so weeks to set up transport of the dogs to your home. Because most volunteers have full-time jobs, the appointment will almost always be on a weekend. It's natural for you to be anxious to welcome your new family member, and if it seems we are taking too long to get back to you to schedule the adoption day, its just because we are working hard to bring you the best available dogs for your home. We will try to make this process as speedy as possible, as these dogs deserve to start their new life with you as soon as possible.

The scheduler will then contact you to schedule an appointment for your adoption and home check. We will come to your home with two or three dogs that we feel, based on our discussions with you, would fit well in your family. If we all feel a particular dog is a good match, you can adopt the dog at that time, and the process is complete. We hope that your home is the very last stop on the dog's journey and we do all we can to help you and your dog make the transition easier, including providing you with an information packet loaded with tips and phone numbers. We also call you periodically to see how things are going and to help you work through any issues that may have arisen after the adoption. Please note that we have revised our vet care standards to include more testing and reduce the frequency of some vaccinations in accordance with current findings in the Veterinary field. For more information on the current standards in vet care, please visit our Pet Care Resources page.