Dog Laws

Understand the laws that affect you as a dog owner.

Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement

Pennsylvania State Dog Law Resource

Includes information on the PA Dog Laws, Kennel Regulations, Dog Bite Regulations and more.

Central PA Dogs

Pennsylvania Dog Law Resource

This site contains information about dog laws and regulations in the state of Pennsylvania.

Delaware Animal Services

Delaware State Dog Law Resource

Delaware Animal Services (DAS) is the community service and enforcement unit of the Delaware Division of Public Health Office of Animal Welfare (OAW). DAS serves residents and animals statewide in the areas of animal cruelty enforcement, animal control, dangerous dog management, dog licensing, and rabies control.

New Jersey Animal Welfare Office

New Jersey State Dog Law Resource

The Office of Animal Welfare is dedicated to promoting and protecting the health, safety and welfare of companion animals in the state of New Jersey. The Office of Animal Welfare works to promote responsible pet care and to ensure that pets do not suffer due to abuse, neglect or lack of proper care.

AKC Government Relations

AKC Guidelines

The Government Relations Department (GR) is dedicated to protecting the rights of all dog owners, promoting responsible dog ownership and ensuring that laws governing dog ownership and breeding are reasonable, enforceable and non-discriminatory.

Animal Legal and Historical Center

Animal Law Information

On this site you will find a comprehensive repository of information about animal law, including: over 1200 full text cases (US, historical, and UK), over 1400 US statutes, over 60 topics and comprehensive explanations, legal articles on a variety of animal topics and an international collection.