Dog Activities

Find the right activity for you and your husky. Try canicross, skijoring, bikejoring or just play ball.

Huskies, a high energy breed, need a way to exert their energy. There are many activities you can do with your husky. A tired husky is a happy husky.

Got Sneakers?

Dog Park

Find a local dog park that is fenced in. Let your husky romp and roll with some fellow canine friends.

Go for a Walk or Hike

Stay in shape with your husky. Go for a stroll in your neighborhood. Or find a local park with hiking trails and explore the great outdoors with your husky.


Do you like to jog? Grab a walking belt, hook up your husky and go for a run together. This is a great sport to share with your husky especially during the cooler months, even in the winter.

Got Wheels?

Scooter Joring

Do you have a scooter? With a special attachment to the front that prevents the lead line from tangling into the front wheel, you can hook up your dog and gain some extra momentum from your husky.


Hook up your husky to your bike and go for a ride. This is a great way for your husky to expend some of that high energy. Use a special attachment that prevents the lead line from getting caught in the wheel.

Dryland Sledding

Have a team of huskies that need to run? Similar to snow sledding, except the "sled" has wheels.

Got Snow?


Have a pair of cross contry skis? Grab a walking belt and hook up your husky for a little extra help on those tough spots.

Snow Sledding

You don't need a large sled or a large team of huskies to enjoy this sport. Find a kick-sled, a smaller version of the typical sled, and enjoy this sport with one, two or even three huskies.


Dog Sledding

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