Caring for Your Husky

General care information for first-time adopters and experienced pet parents.


DON'T Shave Your Husky

Huskies have a double coat which provides protection from the sun and helps in body temperature regulation. Do not shave your husky's fur except for medical reasons.

>See the details on how the double coat protects your husky


Caring for Your Pet During Tough Financial Times

With a little creativity and research there are ways to continue caring for your four legged family members. No one wants to consider letting go of their loved ones, but sometimes we struggle financialy and wonder if we can provide the loving care they deserve.

>Find a financial solution that may work for you


Breeding Huskies

Understand the value of responsible breeding. The decisions you make as a breeder impact not only the lives of the dog but also it's future human family.

>Learn more about being a responsible breeder

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Find additional health information on the PetMeds website. A big Thank You to PetMeds for their contribution of non-prescription pet supplies to the rescue. Generous contributions like these help the rescue achive their goals caring for Huskies in need.

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