The Husky Personality

From escape artists to loving companions these dogs have many personae to learn and appreciate.

Explore Their Traits

Before embarking on the Siberian challenge, explore the personalities below to learn their many traits and temperments. There are many photos with Siberian Huskies caught in the act.

Up for the Challenge?

After viewing and reading the Many Personae of the Siberian Husky, if you can honestly say that you can't wait for the Siberian challenge to begin, you are as crazy and stubborn as the rest of us Siberian owners. Despite their many challenges, the more time you spend with a Siberian the more you will understand that there is usually a logical explanation for most of their outlandish behaviors. While the Siberian will not submit quickly to your will and will insist that you prove yourself as a good and reliable leader, once you have earned his or her respect you will be rewarded for years to come.

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