The Hairball

A speck of husky hair? Expect more!

Double insulation, double duty.

Many have seen the beautiful thick coat of the Siberian Husky and immediately condemn them to life as an "outside dog." Although they are coated with a double insulated coat of hair which protects them from both heat and cold, they need as much indoor comfort as any other breed.

While we are on the subject of that thick, wonderful coat, let's stop one fallacy here. Siberian Huskies CAN, HAVE, and DO live in hot climates such as Florida. While they are subject to dehydration, just like any dog or human, they are just as happy as long as they are with the people they love. Of course, they need water and don't mind some air conditioning.

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This luxurious undercoat will fall out in clumps twice a year (no matter where they live) when they "blow coat." When it is hot outside they often find it cooling to take a bath in the mud. Some Siberian owners have resorted to leaving a "kiddie" pool outside to let their Sibes cool off.

To see all of that Husky hair covering your carpets, one can't help but think, "what a waste of hair!" Well don't fret, it can be used to spin yarn and make garments! You can have a husky coat of your own.

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