Training Your Husky

Training is a continuous cycle throuhgout the life of your dog.


Dog House Training 101

Some great guidelines on getting your dog potty trained. If the rules are followed exactly, you'll experience success. We are not aware of one person who has tried this and failed. The key is dedication.

>So let's train the trainer


The Benefits of Crate Training

We STRONGLY recommend the use of a crate, as both a training tool and a safe haven for your dog. All of our foster dogs are crate trained, which helps accelerate their housetraining, gives them a secure place to call their own, and makes traveling with them easier.

>Learn the benefits of crate training


Invisible Fences: Containment Option? Or Recipe for Disaster?

As to whether an invisible fence can safely contain a husky, this subject has prompted many heated debates among its proponents and opponents. The only right answer is: It depends on the dog's temperament, whether his motivation to stay in the yard is greater than any temptation beyond his boundary, and how dedicated his owners are to properly training him to respect the fence.

>Invisible fence safety and considerations


Should You Trust Your Dog Off-Leash?

You knew before you ever took your puppy home that it could not be trusted. The breeder, who provided you with this precious animal warned you, drummed it into your head. Puppies steal off counters, destroy anything expensive, chase cats, take forever to house train, and must never be allowed off lead!

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