Tails of the Tundra feels strongly that education is a very important part of rescue; therefore, we try to reach the next generation of dog owners by visiting school, camps, and scout troops. These educational events are always a lot of fun for the kids and the volunteers, and of course the dogs love to be in the spotlight too.

When our volunteer group comes out to meet with a group, we usually set up four stations for the kids to go to. As the kids go from station to station we hope that they take what they have learned with them, so that they can one day be responsible pet owners. They get to meet some Siberian Huskies and interact with them. It is always a fun day for everyone involved! The four stations usually include:

  • History: At this station we talk about the history of the Siberian Husky, including the origins of the breed, what Siberians were bred for, and how the history of the breed relates to typical personality traits we see in the Siberian Husky living in family homes today.
  • Sledding: At this station we talk about what the Siberian was bred to do, the story of Balto & Togo, and about sled racing. When possible we try to set up a mushing demo, but this depends on factors such as volunteer availability, location of the event, and weather.
  • Rescue: At this station we try to address such questions as why Tails of the Tundra exists, the importance of being a responsible dog owner, and what is involved in being a responsible pet owner.
  • Safety: At this station we teach the kids how to approach a dog properly, and we let them try it! We also go over standard safety practices such as not teasing a dog, not approaching a stray dog, and not petting a dog while he/she is eating.

When we come out to do one of these types of events, we ask that either the kids work together to make something to help the dogs in our rescue or that the organization inviting us make a donation to TOTTSHR. Some examples of what kids have done in the past include making biscuits and bandannas or collecting dog beds. Some have also collected items listed on our wish list.

If you are interested in learning more about setting up an educational event, please email or call us at 215-412-0270 with your contact information. One of our volunteers will contact you to coordinate a schedule.