Welcome the new year with our 2016 Husky Calendar. Featuring all of the major holidays, some off-the-wall celebrations, and of course, those lovable (stubborn) HUSKIES! Celebrate the new year and every month with a new furry face.

The Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue family suffered a great loss on November 30, 2015 with the passing of one of our founding members, Bob Baker. Bob was a valued member of TOTTSHR having served as a Board member and Publicity Chairperson for many years. He also attended events, fostered many dogs, and attended adoptions. Bob loved the huskies and loved sharing their stories at events in the community and at schools. He could tell the same story countless times over the course of an event, yet it was always from the heart.

There is no doubt that there were a number of dogs waiting to meet Bob at the Rainbow Bridge. Godspeed, Bob. You will be missed.


Husky Tip of the Day: Many Siberians have a strong prey drive - another reason to keep them under close surveillance when young children are around or when they interact with another pet - but there are plenty of them who would be happy to make friends with your kids or a feline member of your household.



Tails Of The Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue