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The Martin Family

Crossed over: April 2016

Dear Friends of Huskies,
On a cold day back in 2005 you brought Josie to my house. We had just lost a Husky that was with us for over 14 years. Josie was an emaciated rescue from a puppy mill with lots of anxiety about other dogs and new surroundings. But she had more spirit than a dozen dogs and energy to burn. It took several months but she eventually bonded with us and got comfortable with her new home. She played with my son and all the other neighborhood kids and dogs as if they were her own special toys. She was everyone's friend and when she decided to escape (as all Huskies do) she went from yard to yard...door to door as if she were running for Mayor. Eventually, she would find someone to let her in and give her a cookie and call me to come and get her. She was always a good citizen and visitor so no one ever complained to me about her getting loose. They were just happy to have enjoyed her company for a while.

Two years after we adopted her I was diagnosed with cancer. During my entire treatment (surgery, chemo and radiation) and recovery, she never left my side. My caregivers even had to come and get her to feed her or take her outside. She slept on the foot of my bed. When the chemo caused painful neuropathy in my feet she would lay on them and her weight would relieve the pain. She seemed to know what would work as if she were a true empath.

I got better and we started traveling. She loved the car and loved taking trips. We went all over the eastern US together visiting family and friends. She was the best travel companion I have ever had. No complaining.

Six years ago she was diagnosed with a Mast Cell tumor. The Vet told me then that she would probably not last much longer. But as testimony to the strength of her breed she kept on going as though it was nothing. A few months ago another tumor came up on her leg and grew very fast. We removed it but then 2 weeks ago she started having trouble breathing and was diagnosed with a tumor in the lung. Today, after a very difficult night, she passed away.

This dog was an amazing and wonderful loving companion for 12 years. The volunteers from Tails of the Tundra are angles who bring angels into other peoples lived and rescue and care for these most amazing and majestic dogs.

Keep up the good work. In Josie's Memory