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Tanya, Toby, Zema & the 3 Babies
The Cindy Hess Family

They crossed the bridge 6/96, 10/96, 10/99 and 4/00. I wish to place these names here because they were rescue dogs that never found a forever home before their time here up. Tanya's owner gave over because she was terminally ill and could no longer care for her. Toby was left a vet's because his owners didn't want him any more. Zema was found a stray. They were old dogs, who deserved more than to be abandoned in their last few years. They all lived with me until they passed. I hope Tanya found her owner again. Toby was a good boy and I'm sure he and Zema are taking care of our 3 little babies (crossed April 2000), who never got a chance to run with their brothers

The Hare Family

Crossed Over: 1999

The Prancer was a sweet and gentle girl. A Lab-Spinger Spaniel Mix, who was loved by everyone who met her. Prancer lived to be 18 years old and she enriched our lives every day. She had mastered the art of begging and loved her tummy scratched. She knew how to love everyone of us and we can only hope we gave her enough love back. Prancer, we will look for you when come to the Rainbow Bridge so we can all cross the bridge together as a happy family reunited. We look forward to seeing you prance and play again like the puppy you have always been. We love you and miss you very much.

The Lorraine Whitehurst Family

Crossed Over: 12/28/99

I don't know how to recover from the loss I feel for you, Niki. You were, and always will be, "My Girl" and even though it's been one year almost to the day since I lost you, I still can't stop the daily tears. You were my best friend and my true companion. I know you would have stayed to help me through the divorce if you could have, but maybe God needed you more than I did. I am trying to hang on to those thoughts, but it has been the worst year of my life without you and I can't seem to get past it eve n though I know you would want me to go on. You would be proud of me in one way... I am not afraid of being alone as much as I was after Charlie left us last Christmas. I also don't fear death as I used to... I know now that it means I can see you again. And I will see you again. You will know me I will be the one on the rainbow bridge with all your stuffed animals, your sumtin yummie, your favorite leash that makes the clicking sound that gets you excited and our special whistle that makes you come running... listen for me. I am so sorry I didn't wake up that night... I know now you were trying to tell me. . The next time we are together I will never leave your side... I promise. I love you Dooby Doo. You are My Girl always. Kisses. -Mommy

The Beverly Shane Family

Crossed Over: 7/20/99

This is my little Casey, he was the best behaved dog I ever had. I lost my beloved Casey to liver cancer in July 1999. I love and miss you so much Casey. Hope you and your Siberian Husky brother Nikita are happy and that you know you were both loved so much. Your Mommy Bev

The Florence Delaney Family

Crossed Over: 5/18/99

She was born with siblings under a house in Chester, PA. A man working for the electric company coaxed each puppy out one at a time. We adopted a beautiful female with blue eyes, a black mask, and typical husky black and white markings. She was a birthday present for our son. She shared her life with us for 12 wonderful years. She loved all people, but was a typical hunter - a better mouser than the cat. She was also an escape artist, but always came home. Whenever any of our two-legged family hugged, she was right in the middle on her hind legs with her paws wrapped around our waists. She hated raised voices, and would bark until the offender lowered his or her voice. She would howl in cadence with police sirens, and talk "husky talk" when I came home from work and asked her about her day. We had an older Shepherd mix when we first got her, who loved to play Frisbee. When the Shepherd became too old to chase it, Vana would catch it and bring it to the Shepherd, who would then bring it back. When the Shepherd died, Vana would catch Frisbee's and play try to catch me. She never again gave it up willingly to anyone.

The Kaitlyn Family

Crossed Over: 5/22/99

I miss my Crummy--my dear, darling, loving dog that I rescued from the Humane Society. Crummy got cancer at age 18 and had to be escorted to the Rainbow Bridge.

The David and Robin Family

Crossed Over: 1/12/99

Linus, or Big Boy, as we called him, was found as a stray on the side of the road.  He had clearly been someone's pet, as he weighed 104 pounds when we found him.  He was also neutered and heartworm negative.  Despite weeks of advertising, no one ever claimed him, so he joined our family of 9 other rescued dogs. Sadly, Big passed away on January 12, 2002, after developing an intestinal obstruction.  We guess that he was 5 or 6 years old.  After only four months as a part of our family, he had already stolen our hearts. We will miss him dearly.

The Robin Family

Crossed Over: 6/24/98

Meghan was an English Springer Spaniel. She was my first dog. I had never known how a dog could mean just as much as a child until Meghan. She was beautiful. I always kept her groomed and brushed. She was the perfect lady. She always behaved perfectly, and anyone who saw her loved her. I know now on that day, six months before she crossed the bridge, when she fell through the ice on our lake trying to chase ducks that she was hurt more than she let on. She was never right again. I wish I would have known that June 24, 1997 would be the last day I would have with you. I would have paid special attention to you. I would have stayed with you instead of going to the amusement park. I miss you, Meggie, and I will always love you.

The Braswells Family

Crossed Over: 9/07/97

I love and miss you my beautiful and beloved sasha. I rescued you from that cage you were in using you for just a breeding dog, and the day you rode in the back of the truck with me I could tell that you were so happy and thankful to be free. you and my beautiful male husky wolf got together and had me 7 beautiful babies, 6 boys and 1 girl, i'm sorry that I could not have rescued you sooner and maybe had got you to the vet and possible had got to that cancer and maybe saved your life or gave you longer to be with us. I didn't know a whole lot about dogs or what kind of sickness they get. i'm glad sasha that I gave you at least 1year of happiness and freedom, and you gave me such joy and pleasure and happiness, you also gave me all these babies, I could not keep all of them but I kept your only daughter who attached herself to me and my husband from the get go. I could not keep all of your babies, I cried when I had to let them go to good homes I hope, but your daughter is so special and precious she's a lot like you and I named her Nikita she doesn't have your color but she has your eyes. when we came home from our trip and had to pick you up and put you in the car we knew you wouldn't be coming back, you licked my hand all the way down the road like you were telling me it was all right, then when we got you inside and he gave us three options, I didn't know what to do, I was crying so hard we finally decided to let you go and to be put to sleep, my only regret was not staying with you until you went off to sleep, my last look at you was leaving the room and trying to tell you goodbye and in a way I think you were telling me it was ok to leave you, you were always so happy to see us and greet us and loved to be petted,we know you enjoyed your time with us I just hated to let you go so soon, to this day you are still in our hearts and mind we love you and miss you sooo much our beloved sasha, we hope to see you again soon rick-debbie, and wolf and nikita braswell.

The Rodgers Family

Crossed Over: 5/10/97

Nicky was a Minture Schuazer. He was 18 yrs old when he died. I woke up one morning and I went out of the room I slept in at my granparents house. Nicky usally is there waiting for me, i went over into his bed and he would't move. I got my grandma and she felt for a heart beat but there was none. I was 5 yrs old when Nicky died. I all ways went to her house and played with him, I grew up with Nicky. He loved to take bathes and play with his ball. If he had his ball in his mouth and you said "Nicky drop it" he wouldn't. But if yopu said "Nicky want a bath" he would drop it in a heart beat and run to the door. But if he didn't pass on I would have never met her new dog Sadie, aslo a Minture Schauzer. But we still miss Nicky very much.

The Tat, am, paba Family

Crossed over: 1996

We lived in Pamona California. I was only a baby, And wolfgang would pretect me like when I was in my swing he wouldn't let my mom take me out of my swing.

But one day we were moving and we asked our next door naighbor if he could watch wolfgang intill we get back. Well our next door naighbor said ok, When we came back for him, it turns out our old naighbor set him to free of the chain and we never saw him again and the reason why Im writing one is because he is about 16 years old. I would think he past away by now.But if not he is a male, Black and white, blue eyes very beautiful old looking though if you find him please call (360)-794-1069 thanks. I would have a pic but the last litte pic i had in my locket somehow fell out. I hope he is ok. wolfgang I love you were ever you are.

The Gardners Family

Crossed Over: 7/95

The You strayed into our lives when you were a young, energetic two-year-old. Because of your one pale blue eye, we named you Opal. Although we didn't realize it at the time, your new name fit you perfectly—you certainly were a gem. You taught us about dogs and their huge hearts and unconditional love, their energy, their sense of humor, their devotion. Until you came along, our family had never had the pleasure of sharing our lives with a dog, or caring for one. In fact, we didn't know where to start. You helped us learn all we needed to know in your own special, patient way. You taught us what to feed a dog: when we fed you that red waxy stuff that looked like the finest ground beef, you responded by adding a red tinge to our carpets. We never fed you the cheap stuff again! You taught us about respect: when we left you in the garage that first day to go to work, unsure of how you would pass the day alone, you ate a car wash sponge to let us know you would feel much more dignified in the house where the rest of the family lives. You taught us how to laugh: when your human brother got sick with mononucleosis and his snoring got too loud for you to continue your afternoon nap, you calmly got up and stuck your tongue down his throat to stop the snoring—and off we went to the vet because I didn't know if dogs could catch mononucleosis! And, most importantly, you taught us about love: you never met a child, person, or animal you didn't like. Your body started to tire when you were 14, but you greeted each day as enthusiastically as ever, despite your discomfort. Every day I'd ask you, "Is this the day? How will I know when you're too tired to go on?" And every day the shine in your eyes told me that life was still giving you pleasure. One day, the shine left your eyes and you pleaded with me to help you say goodbye to this world. That day was one of the worst days of my life, but I take small comfort in knowing you are at peace and pain free. I can only hope that I gave you half as much love and joy as you gave us. I miss you.

TheLinda High Family

Crossed Over: 9/3/94

Jake was very much loved by the neighbors in our neighborhood and their children. He loved to play with them so much! But just because he was a pitbull, somebody thought he shouldn't be alive and beat him, shot him twice in the head, and then drowned him in front of my two little boys. He was playing in a pond with my two boys when a man approached with his two dogs. The man's dogs attacked my Jake; he didn't attack first. The man killed him just for being a pit bull. Punish the deed, not the breed.

The Monarque Family

Crossed over: August 21, 1994

Our Precious Tonya Girl was our Beautiful 16 year old Siberian Husky. Daddy loved you as much as you loved him.Tonya Girl I know you were waiting 10 years for Daddy to join you at the "GATE OF HEAVEN" on July 22,2004.I know you are so happy again with Daddy Monarque.We all love and miss you both.Our Family chain is broken and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one the chain will link again.All of our LOVE FOREVER,Michelle,ValerieTerry,and Suzanne Monarque. TONZ & DADDY TOGETHER FOREVER! We will see you on the other side.xoxoxoxoxox

The Carolyn & David Stanley Family

Crossed over: July 8, 2008

Mom and David,
We're so sorry for your loss. Skye is in Heaven now, free of pain, and her spirit will be with you always. You gave her a wonderful life, and she and the angels are smiling down on you.
With Love & Our Deepest Sympathy,
Laurie, Mitch & Rachel.