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The Beverly Shane Family

Crossed Over: 12/29/00

Nikita was the love of my life for 14 yrs. He was so good, never jumped, dug or escaped. I miss him so much. He was one in a million so I know how lucky I was to have him in my life. My Little Nikita to know him was to love him.

The Gil and Penny Family

Crossed Over: 12/21/00

'Nikki' was the most gentle creature I had ever met - and probably also the most devious. For nearly 13 years she touched our hearts with her games and antics. She never ceased to amaze us with her abilities and never stopped loving us, even with all our human faults. She taught us the meaning of unconditional love and never-ending forgiveness. It was the hardest thing we ever had to do baby, helping you to cross over. We know that you are no longer in pain. You have taught us so much and we promise to try and remember those lessons as we struggle along here without you. We can't wait to be with you again puppykins, to scratch your nose, and see what deviousness you are up to now with all your new friends. Gone from us until we cross the bridge to be reunited. We will never forget you. Visit Nikki's website.

The Anne, Al, and Pam Stines Family

Crossed Over: 11/7/00

Rosko surprisingly came into our lives over 8 years ago. He was without a doubt the most loyal friend that a nyone could have ever asked for. His smiley face, those big unique blue eyes, the remarkable gentleness and eagerness to please and love everyone will always be remembered. Wherever Rosko went he had a powerful effect on people. He loved everyone he met and those that met him found him to be an extra ordinary animal. Rosko broke all the "rules" of being a Siberian Husky. He didn't have to be leashed, he just wanted to be by his loving family and socialize with us and our friends. We all talked to him and had conversations with him and I believe he knew exactly what we were saying. Unlike Sibes, Rosko did not like to be cold, wet or dirty. When walking with him, he would purposely walk around a puddle of water so he wouldn't get wet or muddy. He never dug holes in our yard or destroyed anything. Rosko was our lives. He was a wonderful, perfectly healthy companion. Then in late August 2000, he developed a cough. 2 Vets and 2 ultrasounds later, he was diagnosed with multiple tumors in his chest cavity. We knew we were going to lose our loyal and faithful buddy. Through the knowledge, care, love and devotion of Dr. Julie Snyder and her wonderful staff at Vetcetera (Schuylkill County, Rosko was given an extra 4 weeks of good quality life with his loving family. On November 7, 2000, our best buddy was taken to Dr. Julie to help him cross over to Rainbow Bridge. There is not a day that goes by that I don't cry for the loss of Rosko, I miss him with all of my heart. And every day I also thank Rosko for sending us Rascal (go to success stories). Rosko knew we needed Rascal and she desperately needed us. We feel very strongly that Rosko sent us in each others direction. My dear l oving Rosko, we love and miss you so very much. You will live in our thoughts and hearts forever. You were a little angel on loan to us from God, sent to teach us unconditional love and when your job here on earth was completed, (you did a first class job) because we do now know the meaning of "unconditional love", you were called back to Rainbow Bridge. Changing a few words of an anonymous author: "Some animals come into our lives and quickly go... Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts... and we are never the same again. We love you Rosko.

The Deck Pack Family

Crossed Over: 9/29/00

Too much fear in this 5 y/o's life. Too smart for his own good. Abused early in life, he had a total of 5 homes. We received him when his prior owner could no longer keep him. We loved/cared for him for only 1.5years before we had to let him go. We miss you my friend.

The Joe, Tara, Patrick, and Shana Family

Crossed Over: 9/3/00

Our chocolate lab, Coco, died of a seizure. We really miss her!

The Heavners Family

Crossed Over: 8/14/00

Heidi was a beautiful and fun-loving dog. Our family had a rough time with her during her life. When we had to transfer to another area, and had to rent a house, our landlord wouldn't allow us to have pets. We were miserable without her, but my dad convinced our landlord to let us have her! My grandparents went to the Humane Society and got her back for us until we were able to come and get her. From then until she passed away, she lived happily with us. She brought us joy and happiness, even in her old age when she considerably slowed down. We will always love Heidi and still miss her so very much.

Polar Bear
The Memo Family

Crossed over: 6/28/2000

Polar Bear is been in pet heaven for 7th year, I can't have other without missing him so much, Ithink of you so much, you left me sad-lonely without a friend to walk to the park.