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The Stephen Family

Crossed Over: 12/22/01

A tribute and memorial to a much missed tabby and white male domestic pet cat. As he was born and lived in Cheshire, he was a real Cheshire Cat! Sam was probably the most spoiled and indulged cat that ever lived. He was a greatly loved member of our family for nearly 20 years. Visit his site which is dedicated to preserving his memory by telling anyone who's interested in him.

The Alexa Family

Crossed Over: 11/26/01

My beloved Husky passed away last november, I knew him scince the day i cam home from the hospital, he was 13 years old and suffering from spreading cancer, he was my baby and i loved him to pices! I miss him soooo much,~hugs and kisses to my baby yukon~Alexa

The Stacey Family

Crossed Over: 11/01

Tobie was brought to us by our cousins german shepard. She was not producing milk correctly and we caught it to late. All of the pups but 2 passed on. We took Tobie and his brother Rowdy in and began to bottle feed them. It was a new experience for us all! The pups became our new babies and we were extremly attached. When they were about 1 month and a half old we rescued a puppy from the local shelter. A few days later we found out that pup had the Parvo Virus. We new very little about the virus. Well after we took the pup back and explained the problem they said she was to far along to save so they put her down. Well, not to long after Tobie started to show signs of Parvo. His immune system was not strong enough to survive it yet. He passed away a few days later at 2 months old. I was extremely concerned about Rowdy and rushed him in to be hospitalized. He was there for a week and we got him back. He is now almost 2 yrs old. We count everyday with him a blessing and believe that Tobie is with us in spirit everyday too. Tobie was my first puppy that I had and he has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I know have a healthy yr old dog that I raised from a pup and thank Tobie for showing me how great dogs can be! Tobie is missed so very much by us all!

The Shay Family

Crossed Over: 11/13/01

Samantha (Sammy) died because her kidneys didn't work right. She was almost 12 1/2 years old. I miss her.

The Jay, Syl, Stephen, Michael Guagliardo Family

Crossed Over: 12/21/01

Norton, words cannot describe our family's love for you. You are our "Wonder Dog" Best friend. Protector. Confidante. Comedian. Social Chairman. You did it all. You are the "once in a lifetime" friend that we all hope to have someday. We know that you have been very sad since Trixie Lou left us. We just were not prepared to say good bye to you so soon after. It's as if you willed yourself to be with Trixie Lou. Littermates forever. We picture the two of you playing, talking, wrestling, and then curling up together to rest. We miss the morning songs that you and Trixie Lou harmonized on so beautifully. Our house is silent, and so very empty without our first babies. Norton and Trixie Lou, thank you forever 12 years of love and companionship. You made our family and our lives complete. We will love you forever!

The Blythe Senkel Family

Crossed Over: 9/11/01

Timber died September 11, 2001. I didn't find out until two days after her death. Timber was a great escape artist. She loved to run. She died doing what she loves; running. She was hit by a car while running around in the city. I'm sure Timber's last day was a joyful one for her, because she ran many, many miles from where her home was. I can picture her now running and thinking, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah", She absolutely loved to run as far and as fast as she could. Timber also loved to be with me, she loved to sleep at the foot of the bed, and she loved to have her tummy tickled. I loved Timber with all of my heart. I will always miss her. Please cherish every day that you have with your loved ones, because you never know when one day God will take your loved ones home. My other two dogs are still with me. I continue to love them, and I still continue to love Timber. Timber was only 13 months old. She was born August 4, 2000 and she crossed over the beautiful Rainbow Bridge on September 11, 2001. I will remember Timber and her love for the rest of my life.

The Tails of the Tundra Family

Crossed Over: 8/27/01

Uri ... You crossed to the Bridge quietly, with no suffering. We keep telling ourselves that this was the best thing could do for you, but somehow that doesn't end the pain. All we can say is that we are sorry. Sorry that we couldn't do more for you. Sorry that your original owners set you up for this day before we ever met you. I hope you understood while you were here with us that we really loved and cared for you, and how terribly sad we are for how it had to end. We couldn't help you here, but maybe, if the Rainbow Bridge stories are true, we will be able to help you then. If we see you there, you will have your "forever home" -With love from your family and friends in Tails of the Tundra

Trixie Lou
The Jay, Syl, Stephen, Michael Guagliardo Family

Crossed Over: 8/24/01

For our beloved "Lou Girl" Thank you for 12 glorious years of unconditional love. We loved and respected you equally and hope that you understood and felt that. We will think of you often and know that we will see you again someday. Like the words to your favorite song, "It's A Beautiful Morning" you always made it so. We love you.

The Tails of the Tundra Family

Crossed Over: 5/21/01

Trapper was born on April 19th, 2001. Dear Sweet Trapper, we wish that we could have had the chance to get to know you better. We wish you well on your journey over Rainbow Bridge. One day we will meet again and that day will never come soon enough. Your brothers will also one day join you at the bridge and together you can romp and play once again. Thank you for giving us the chance to know you, even if it was only for a short time. -With love from your family and friends in Tails of the Tundra

Rosco Pico Train
The Osbornes Family

Crossed Over: 5/27/01

Rosco was such a nice dog. Once you got to know Rosco, he would go anywhere with you, he would always be at your side!! We Love U, Rosco Man -The Osbornes

The Linda Family

Crossed Over: 5/14/01

Bibs was a rescue found at an apartment complex in 1990. She was a stumpy manx and liked having her tail tweaked and being brushed. She liked sitting in the window and sneaking out the door and running around the house with me chasing her! She was very fond of turkey and ham on holidays. She left for the bridge today and I can't wait till she comes back to her garden spot for a visit. A pretty cat with a stern face! She was the queen and she kept her crown throughout her life! Farewell, my sweet Bibby!

The Mary A. Mitchell Family

Crossed Over: 1/29/01

Tasha (Natasha) was born on November 2, 1989. Tasha was a very special spirit, the light of my soul. She was a red and white Siberian Husky with blue eyes. She passed to the Rainbow Bridge on January 29, 2001 at 5:02 p.m. (EST) after an unexplained month-long illness. Saying goodbye to her was one of the hardest things I've ever done. My only comfort is that her spirit and mine will be reunited one day at the Rainbow Bridge. Please visit Tasha's website to learn more about her.

Pee Wee
The Gayle Tauger Family

Crossed Over: 2/17/01

Pee Wee was my heart for almost l7 years. My tears are endless, my soul is barren. I feel that I have crossed Rainbow Bridge with him. His memory will remain with me forever. Although I have two other wonderful dogs and seven cats who are trying their darnedest to fill the void, Pee Wee's death has taken a woeful toll on me. I keep his ashes visible at all times, yet the emptiness is devastating. Only other pet lovers could understand.

The Judy Curiel and Harvey Harr Family

Crossed Over: 12/22/00

You blessed us the day you entered our lives on March 15,1996. We cherished each day with you and promised you your fourth home would be your last and your best. You were very brave through all your illnesses and operations. We miss your curious face, your run-around act, the sound of you sleeping, the jingling of your collar as you came running when you heard someone in the kitchen, your talking, and your kisses. Most of all we miss your gentle spirit, we love you and await the time when we will be with you again.