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The Eisenfelder Family

Crossed over: February 18, 2012

I was 19 years old and the lifeguard at my campground that I stayed at with my parents. A family camping there had her as a 6-7 week old puppy and they didn't want her anymore. They also abandoned their trailer, and were never heard from again. The first few weeks she woke me up at 4am to go to the bathroom. Since the first months of her life were in a travel trailer, she was housebroken quickly. I was the lifeguard and had to open the pool every day and stay till 5pm. She would bark like crazy until I decided to just bring her up with me while I worked. She would walk around the edge of the pool and fall in everytime. Her butt would sink (she never learned how to swim good, lol). From the moment we had her we knew she was an escape artist and fast runner. At 8 weeks old she would dart through the woods behind the trailer and never look back. I had a hard time catching her. She was extremely intelligent. She learned all her tricks in a matter of minutes including waving (she would stand tall on her hind legs and wave to you with move front legs) She also loved to gather a blanket in between her paws and mouth it. We always said she was making out with her blanket. She was a crazy girl who could jump or climb the 8 foot fence, would did under it, bolt out the door whenever she got the chance and always came home muddy from the creek. She was famous for rolling in dead animals or other dog's poo. (Yuck, lol) She hated baths and would whine the entire time in the tub, but when you would let her out she would shake a fews times and then dart around the house. She always growled when playing (a husky trait) and loved attacking your shoes with your feet in them. She loved big white bones, and junk from the neighbors. One time when she got loose and we couldn't find her, I waited up for her and at around 4 am she came strolling up to the house with a huge 6 foot long french bread. She must have stolen it from the local deli's roll delivery, lol. The last few years of her life she had gotten slow and could not run from me anymore. She also couldn't hold her pee in anymore and would pee in the kitchen all the time or when she was sleeping. This made her very stinky and I wouldn't rub her belly as much anymore because I couldn't always give her a bath. This made me feel very guilty (and I still feel guilt over this)She also didn't get as many walks because I have 5 young children and life just got in the way, however she was always content to hang out in the yard and visit the neighbors. She LOVED being outside and whined and cried at the door all the time to be out there. She especially loved the snow and would curl up to sleep in it, much to the dismay of some no-it-all passers-by who thought I was being cruel, lol. At the end, I didn't know anything was majorly wrong. We all had the stomach bug which went on for a week since it had to go through my husband and I and our 5 young children. I had not been paying much attention to Sammy. Then I noticed she hadn't eaten in a few days and started vomiting. The first vet didn't know what was wrong with her. She was up all night vomiting and could not get up anymore. I gave her a bath and laid her on the front porch in the sun and sat with her, brushed her, and dried her. I told the kids to say goodbye. She tried to get up so I place her in the yard thinking she had to go to the bathroom. There she collapsed, had a seizure, and her heart stopped, her muscles relaxed, and her eyes were wide open.I cried hysterically, and then 2 minutes went by and she gasped for air twice. She opened her eyes, and started breathing again. I rushed her to the hospital and the vet found she had a large stomach tumor that was bleeding internally. I made the tough choice to put her to sleep. She was 15.5 years old. I really think she came back to life the first time to give me a chance to say goodbye because I really hadn't done so yet. I said my goodbyes, my love you's and told her she was the best most beautiful dog ever, kissed and hugged her, and then told them I was ready. I watched her as she closed her eyes, and passed on. I'm crying just typing this. I love you Sammy. You run as fast and far as you want now. I won't yell after you or chase you. I'll see you again at Rainbow bridge. We all love and miss you.
Bye Sammy.

Oslo Bear
The Henriksen-Owens Family

Crossed over: January 11, 2012

I love you and am SOOO happy I got to be your Mommy. Fate introduced us and in destiny we will be together again. RIP Buddy Bear, you are one of the most wise, loyal, intelligent, and beautiful good-boys this world has ever known! XOXOOOOOO!
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Heidi (formerly Mischief)
The Haggerty Family

Crossed over: January 25, 2012

Our beloved Heidi has lost her short battle with Kidney disease. In October of 2000 we met Paige and TOTT at our local Oktoberfest. We were new to Doylestown and this was one of our first local family outings. We just happened to come upon the TOTT booth. We had lost our first Siberian a few years before this and we always intended to one day replace him. So finding TOTT was a perfect fit for us.

In a few days TOTT introduced us to a red haired beauty named Mischief, but we changed her name to Heidi since she loved to hide under table. She was about 7 months old and had been neglected, which it showed in her weight and trust of people. But before long she was queen of her castle and looked forward to meeting new people every time the doorbell rang. With good reason since anyone who met Heidi would say what a pretty dog and what beautiful eyes. She just loved the attention and good for her since she deserved it. Who knows what happened that led Heidi's short life to wind up in a kennel on her way to a fast end if not for the saving grace of Paige and her crew. Those were the early days of TOTT and I never knew how they did it all, always on the run to rescue another Husky soon as a call would come in. One thing I know is their love for the breed and commitment of their volunteers and all the families who opened their homes to the short and long term care of the rescued Huskies is what continued to make TOTT a success year after year.

I personally always wanted to volunteer more than just the adoption of Heidi, but through the years my MS made it harder and harder for me to realize that dream. I guess that is why I always admired Paige's energy level and drive she's had for these wonderful friends to man. If not for TOTT we never would have met Heidi. For the past 11 years she has been nothing but fun and loving and a true and loyal friend.

Unfortunately none of us can be together forever, well until we pass that is. About two weeks ago Heidi started losing her appetite, but we thought it would pass. Then this past weekend she had basically stopped eating and took a turn for the worse. Monday we brought her to the Vet and she seemed to perk up so we still had hopes of her recovering. Maybe it was her love for a ride in the car or all attention she was getting at the Vet, but we thought maybe she'd pull through whatever was making her sick. We still didn't know how sick she really was and that she was in end stage Kidney failure. She was such a tuff cookie and never complained so we had no idea how sick she was till it was too late. Last night 1/25/2012, about 5:30 Heidi went to sleep forever. She joined her old pal Ushi and 11 year old Akita also a rescue who we lost to Cancer last year this time January 13, 2011. We adopted Ushi about a year after Heidi so they were good old friends to each other. When he passed away last year Heidi missed him terribly and she was as heartbroken as we were. Today we are heartbroken once again at the loss of our beloved Heidi. We hope she is running happily as the day she came to live with us.
God Bless you Heidi and TOTT.
Carole, Michael & Joey Haggerty

The Steffani Family

Crossed over: January 10, 2012

You brought Carlin to us 11 years ago. We knew right away that we were meant to be his people. He was joyous and rowdy and amazing. He was my winter running partner and my son's playmate. We will miss him dearly. Thank you for helping him find us.