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The Dascoli Family

Crossed over: December 2015

In 2007 I reached out to Tails about a 4 to 5 year old Husky / GSD mix named Hickory at Newark Shelter. At the time I was a board member with GSGSR, and spending a lot of time at Newark Shelter. There was just something about that boy that caught my attention every time I was there. Since he was much more husky than shepherd, GSGSR was not going to pull him, but Tails agreed to pull Hickory and let me foster him. Of course, like most foster homes with the best of intentions, we completely failed and adopted Hickory fairly quickly. He was with us through 5 other dogs (3 foster fails and two actual successes), always Mr. Happy Go Lucky. We went on many road trips, he loved hopping in the back of the SUV, and he was a rock steady boy whenever I would go to a shelter to temperament test other dogs. He seemed ageless and other than his ears curling over because of a hematoma, he really didn't look much different than the first day we took him home.

Sadly last week he unexpectedly passed away from cancer. He had a bit of a cough for a week and I was going to take him into the vet anyway, but then he had labored breathing and the x-rays showed what looked like cancer spread to his lungs. He passed away 2 days later before we could do an ultrasound of his abdomen to find the source, most likely spleen or liver. It was so fast and shocking. I want to thank Tails for working with me and letting me pull Hickory through your program. He was a constant companion, always around, but never ever taken for granted. Every day was a joy (though a few thunder filled nights were a bit stressful at first) with him. He gave us 8+ years of great companionship and will be missed every day.