TOTTSHR works with families to help find new homes for their dogs when the families have extenuating circumstances, such as an illness, that prevent them from being able to care for their canine friends. Thankfully, sometimes the family is willing to continue caring for the dog until he or she can be placed in a new home, we post the dog on our website to help the family find their friend a new home.

We also work with over 35 different shelters throughout the area including, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland. On occasion, we also list dogs in Washington D.C.

Unfortunately, there is never enough foster space for all the dogs we learn about. So we try to use the power of internet to help spread the word about these canine friends who need to find a new home. These are some of the dogs who have found their forever homes through our owner and shelter referral network.

Please share our happiness with us by checking out some of these beautiful stories from their heartbreaking need of a family to their happy endings. It is always wonderful to see a happy husky who found their way home. If you have an update or if you have found that special new family member through our shelter or owner referral network, please share your story with us.