When a dog enters Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue, he or she is placed in a foster home. There, the dogs are cared for medically and emotionally to prepare them for a new adoptive family. Our foster families open their hearts and homes to these dogs in need. To say they go the extra mile to provide loving, supportive homes to these dogs until they find their forever homes is an understatement. It is challenging and rewarding work!

TOTTSHR foster families usually know little of a dog's history, but they open their homes to each dog without hesitation. They spend time socializing, housebreaking, grooming, providing medical care, working on basic manners, and loving the dogs as their own. Because the dogs are living closely with the foster family and the rest of their canine, feline, and human family members, the foster families begin to know each dog intimately. Being able to evaluate each dog on such an individual basis contributes greatly to a successful placement in a permanent home.

TOTTSHR covers the cost of medical expenses while the dog is in foster care. All other costs associated with fostering a dog, including food, treats, toys, grooming, bedding, leashes, and collars, are paid for by the foster families. It costs about $25 a month just to feed one foster dog; with some of our foster families providing temporary homes to two or three dogs at a time... these costs can quickly add up!

You can help our foster families continue to provide excellent pre-adoption care, while lessening their financial burden, by donating to our Foster Home Sponsor Program. When you donate to this program, your donation will be distributed equitably to all of our foster families, or it can be dedicated to a specific foster home of your choosing, to help them cover the costs associated with caring for foster dogs.

If you prefer to send us an item instead, please check out our wish list. Our foster homes are always in need of toys, dog beds, leashes and collars, food, and treats.

Remember that all of your donations are tax deductable and we thank you for helping to give a second-hand dog another chance!