The Toby Fund began when a sweet young man came into the care of rescue. His story began when Toby was pulled from a shelter by a good Samaritan who, knowing she could not keep him but wanting to save him from an uncertain future, brought him to a vet and called various rescue groups in the area to try and find a good home for him. TOTTSHR took him into the rescue organization and placed him in a foster home. Toby's foster parents began noticing that he had some difficulty getting up after long periods of lying down, and seemed to walk stiffly until his muscles warmed up a bit. They promptly took him to the vet, who diagnosed Toby with Hip Dysplasia. The vet told them that Toby, at seven years of age, was in the early stages but his condition would surely worsen with time and he would ultimately need surgery to correct the problem.

Toby has since been adopted into a loving home. TOTTSHR has established a fund called The Toby Fund to raise money to help Toby's new family meet his impending vet bills, estimated at over $1,000, for his eventual surgery.

Thanks to the very generous donations received, we reached our initial goal of $1,000 in June of 2001. We continue to maintain this fund for other dogs that may come into the rescue organization requiring extraordinary vet care.

Meet some of Toby's Friends

Quantico aka Tico
Tico had limited use of his back legs due to pressure from a tumor on the spine. After surgery his mobility has been improving every day and he is able to walk. His gait isn't perfect, but it's much better than before. Follow his story and provide the support you can.
Bengal has chronic eye issues and kidney failure due to her Lyme disease.
Huron needed surgery for bilateral cataracts. His surgery cost approx $3800.
Brody needed surgery for a ruptured cruciate ligament. The Toby Fund helped pay for his surgery which cost $1300.
Jo-Jo needed surgery for bilateral luxating patellas. Her surgeries cost over $3,000.
Yaz has bi-polar cataracts. If she needs surgery in the future, The Toby Fund will help her adoptive family cover her bills, estimated to be about $1,000.
The Toby Fund helped diagnose and treat Trinity's bladder problem, costing $250.
TOTTSHR and The Toby Fund worked hard to save little Trapper by rushing him to the vet and giving him a blood transfusion, at a total cost of $465.
Xanadu required x-rays to help diagnose a possible problem with her hips. Her x-rays and vet visit cost $100.
Frost came to us with a condition called hypothyroidism. The Toby Fund helped pay for his treatment, which cost $75.
Stormy Winter
Stormy suddenly developed a fever and pnemonia, prompting his foster parents to rush him to the emergency vet hospital. Total cost for his treatment, without which he would have died: $667.
To meet more of Toby's friends, click here.

Remember that all of your donations are tax deductable and we thank you for helping to give a second-hand dog another chance!