What should I do if I've lost my dog?
Here is a checklist of things you should do if you have lost your dog (check out our tip sheet for more information):
  1. Check every shelter in the county.
  2. Call the animal control officers (if you're not sure how to contact them, call your local shelter).
  3. Are there state dog wardens? Call them.
  4. Often, radio stations and newspapers allow you to post free ads for a certain number of days for lost pets. But also be cautious about phone calls that offer to return him/her to you. Keep some information out of the ad that can be used to identify the dog if phone calls about him/her are received. That can screen pranksters and con artists.
  5. Post a "lost" ad in Petfinder.
  6. Post fliers in mini-markets, laundromats, vet's offices, grocery stores, grooming and pet shops.
  7. Contact your mail and newspaper carriers. These people are out and around the neighborhood and see and know an amazing amount about what's happening.
  8. We hate to add this, but also check places where leg-hold traps or other traps might have been set.
  9. Leave items with a familiar scent in places where he/she might return. He/she might stay there long enough for someone to find her.
  10. Consider taking the companion dog along when searching. Sometimes they will come to their buddy when they won't come to people.
  11. Contact school bus drivers and get them and their charges on the case. This is a crew that sees all, hears all, and tells all.

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