Potato ChipsWhat? You have never heard of the Potato Chip Syndrome? Well, it is when you own one husky and then you find you need at least one more. The syndrome gets it name from the human phenomenon that when you come across a bag of potato chips, you dig into that bag with the intention of eating just one. JUST ONE! Then the syndrome starts to take hold. You have to have just one more .... and soon you find that you have had way more than you orignially wanted. Hence the Potato Chip Syndrome.

In these page you will have the opportunity to read about some of the families that have been struck by this syndrome and adopted more than one husky from Tails of the Tundra.

Who knows, maybe we will see you here soon. That syndrome is pretty catchy. Of course, you may not like potato chips, but how couldn't you love huskies? Okay, they are not the breed for everyone, but ...