The loss of an animal companion may be one of the most devastating and painful experiences we ever face. The death of a pet is the loss of a companion and a non-judgmental source of love. No one who hasn't lived with one of these special creatures can appreciate how painful the loss and how profound the mourning when one leaves us. They are all unique and can never be replaced. They are truly part of us. When our animal companion is lost, a significant inner bond is broken. For many, such a loss is as traumatic as losing a family member or a dear friend and can trigger an intense grieving process.

We will never forget those we have lost, and that is often the hard part — remembering the times we had, the moments we shared, and the things they taught us. Those we have loved and nurtured live in our hearts and minds forever. Have faith that when the time is right, those memories will bring you smiles, not tears.

So many pet owners suffer their pain alone, but you are not alone. In these pages we have included some links and resources to help cope with the grief of losing a pet. We hope you find these pages helpful and you are welcome to share your thoughts, photos, poems, and tributes here. Please email us any information you'd like to share.