Adopted on September 8th, 2002, he was renamed Chinook (like the chinook wind) it means "snow eater".

This gorgeous boy is came into rescue at the age of two. He was picked up in Paterson, NJ as a stray. It's no wonder that he was found trotting along the street--this boy is a true travelin' man. When our transport assistant brought him to her home, he promptly hopped over her 6' fence and ran to her front door, crying to be let in with the rest of the family. He is also quite adept at opening doors by himself, using his God-given pearly whites.

This travelin' man finally made his last stop with Bill and Susan and their two cats. One of which thinks he is a dog (Taz) who quickly told Ren where his position in the house was (under Taz). It seems this is what Ren has been searching for his whole life. As his new mom put it, "Move Chinook over to the success stories. He's a keeper. It is TRUE LOVE." Chinook now enjoys days of family love and fun.

His new mom introduces Chinook to her family and friends:

It's a Boy!

Yes! On September 8, 2002, we adopted a very sweet tempered Siberian Husky. His name is Ren, but we are changing his name to Chinook. (like the chinook wind) Chinook means "snow eater". It is an Indian word

Some of the pictures are at our home, and others are on the Mary Ann Furnace trail at Codorus State Park.

He really enjoys his walks on the trail and tires to chase all the (and large) furry woodland creatures. :-) . Shoot, he could barely wait to get out of the car today to start his adventure. Click here to check out his adventures.

Take care,

Ren writes to his foster parents on September 10th, 2002:

Hi Chris and Steve

I am doing fine. I went to York today, and learned 3 new words.
Democrats are good! My new mom said that it will be easy to like
democrats since they are all bleeding heart liberals. And that I should
know all about that since I was in foster care for so long.

After York we came home for about and hour then we ran some errands and
on the way home we stopped and went for a long walk on the trails at
Codorus. Wow. These humans sure do tire me out.

Geez ! My new mom keeps taking pictures of me. She even got one of me
on the couch with my honk honk toy. Unfortunatley she lost it trying to
make some adjustments on her camera. In fact she lost all of the
pictures she took of me today.

I really like to go for car rides. In fact, I tried to get my new mom
to take for rides instead of walks. ;-)


On September 18th, 2002 Ren's new mom writes:

He even lets me play with his toys without trading up. I throw the squeaky bone and he fetches it. Then he "accidentally" drops it somewhere around me, and we start again.

He also has a 12 year old girlfriend that can do just about anything to him. You might have seen her in the pictures on the web page. He is still wary of strange men, and might always be, but who cares..... We love him even when he is cranky, usually in the evening.

Guess what? He is a morning dog. I kid you not! He was getting me up at 6 every morning, now I have worked him up to 7:30 or 8 am. Wow. That was a little scary at first. I was really tired the first week.

I am actually quite surprised at how fast Ren/Chinook adjusted. Not that it is over yet. I still expect it to be another 6 to 9 months for him to be totally comfortable. But he is making great progress.

Just think about us and Chinook and how happy you have made us. All of us, for I know that "Mr. Mann" (that's what I call him when he gets cranky, or mischievous) are very happy, and this is the right home for him. :-D
And he's never coming back!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care,

Adopted on May 24th, 2003, she was renamed Mishka.

It seems the Blaney's could not make do with only one Husky and decided
to adopt another. They welcomed Amaretto (now Mishka) into her new
forever home on Saturday, May 24, 2003.

Amaretto came into foster care when she was a year-old. A goreous red-and-white female with blue eyes who spent 6 months living in a crate at her previous home because she and the resident rottweiler couldn't see eye-to-eye.

On January 23rd, 2003 her foster mom wrote, "Well, my shy little girl has come out of her shell and WON'T GO BACK IN!!! She is the champion of couch jumping—no longer known as the couch potato. She is capable of wearing out her foster sisters and brother and perpetually shows her keen ability to tire them out. They are presently trying to find quiet places in the house to get away from her for a VERY brief nap."

Amaretto's new moms writes....

Mishka is a wonderful addition to our family. She was totally wired
for sound the first weeks we had her. By the 4th week she seemed to
have settled right in with her new routine, and was finding that she
liked being the only girl in the family (well that is besides mom) .
I think one of the reasons Mishka adapted so quickly was that she came
from the same foster home as her new brother Chinook, so the learning
curve was easy as her foster mom and me use basically the same
commands, and corrections. Perhaps there is a benefit adopting a
second dog from the same foster home??????

Chinook had separation anxiety whenever we left the house, but with
Mishka here to boss around, he does just fine when we leave for a few

Mishka is also a keeper. She's never coming back.

Chinook and Mishka... the cute couple: