Anastasia found her fur-ever home in November 2001.

It was love at first sight for Anastasia's foster mom. Gloria met her at a friend's mother's house and immediately felt there was no other home for Anastasia than with Gloria, Dave, Kaska, Raven and Harry. Anastasia's first family loved her a lot, but due to the husband's life threatening illness, they could no longer care for her. So Anastasia came to stay with Gloria and her brood.

Here is Gloria's take on her first few days with the snow-white, baby blue-eyed girl:

Anastasia, "Stasia", is 5 months old and sweet as pie. She can be like a precocious child and often goes bolting around and around the house to plop down in front of you and chew on a toy. She is mindful and in awe of her big brothers and sisters. She still has ALL her puppy traits so, she is chewing, but so far has not chewed on any clothing or furniture or fixtures other than a pair of panty hose left on the floor (bad foster mommy!). She loves her squeaky toys and loves to run around in the yard. She walks very well on a leash and she knows how to sit and will sit for her dinner plate.

While she had never met any other dogs before, she has lived peaceably with cats...and kids. The introduction to her new foster siblings went very well though she was a little scared of the crew.

She is totally housebroken and while she cries initially when put in the crate, she sleeps there all night long without any accidents or need to go out. She is a clever child, but she also likes to dig and will need constant entertainment and training to make sure she grows up to be a GOOD GIRL!!

She's not too keen on her dog food but took some pan scrapings (hamburger) eagerly. She is a counter-surfing wannabe, but right now she's so small it's more of a joke.

She has an interesting response to when you whistle. She'll come running up to you and leap up and lick your face. Very cute. She is definitely a couch potato house dog. She is not too keen on the basement and likes the upper floor.

She definitely is not keen on being left alone.

As time went on, Anastasia made it clear that she had found her forever home.

If you ask Gloria about Anastasia, she'll tell you that "Anastasia is full of vinegar and she only has one speed and that is TURBO! I wish I could bottle her energy - she goes 18 hours out of the day! She drives my poor Raven insane and she acts like she is top banana around Raven - she also drives poor Harry crazy!"

Gloria also admits that as soon as she met Anastasia, she knew she was going to fail at fostering… but any teasing from her fellow TOTT volunteers is made up for by those baby blues! Congratulations to Anastasia and her family.