Aztec found his forever home March 22, 2006

Just wanted to let everyone know that Aztec is becoming an official member of the Fritz family. We sat down this weekend and discussed whether we would be able to give him up and if we were ready to become a 3 dog household. Mark's reply to me was....."honey I don't think I could live with you if we let that dog get adopted because you would be miserable." After all Aztec and I have been through....... with him getting deathly sick right after being pulled from the shelter..... to losing his vision..... to the twenty trips up and down 83 to the eye doctor.... to the endless bottles of eye drops we have gone through.....we have developed a special bond so Aztec "puppy butt" Fritz has found his forever home with myself, Mark, Simon and Sakari. Thanks to everyone for their support during past three months while we were nursing his eyes back to health.