Fireball & Bandit

Fireball came into rescue as 3 month old husky/shepherd mix. Just a baby who had led a sheltered life. He came to us scared of the world and left ready to take it on.

Bandit came into rescue's care at the age of 9 months old. His view on life from day one was to take things as they come and see what he can get away with. Now he has his work cut out for him!

Fireball & Bandit

March 5th, 2003 their new home writes:

They are doing fine! I put a harness on Bandit on Sunday and we went for a walk. He didn't seem to be phased by the harness at all and except for a few ground hog holes ( he sticks his head all the way in) he did a great job. Tuesday I hooked up the team and went up the hill to the field behind the house. I put him at lead with Boomer and once we got going he really liked it. Anytime we'd stop, he freaked a bit, but we'd wait till he calmed down. We went for a 15 minute run and he was done. So I dropped him back home and went out again with the rest. He's a little burr magnet in that long hair. He's getting better about combing him out. He had wicked diarrhea for 2 days, but I've been feeding him chicken and rice and he's better today.

Fireball is doing well also. He's a little spitfire. He's in love with Bandit and Tundra. We are working on basic house manners and had only one mistake in the house.

Bandit in Harness

Update April 21st, 2003:

Our little boy had his big day on Good Friday. Of course everyone at the vet fell in love with him. I almost had to physically restrain the vet tech to get him back. He is now 40# and still quite a cutie with the biggest wiggle butt. He has been farm dog several times off lead and does extremely well. In the morning I just say "kennel" and he runs right in the outdoor kennel. We are starting class for some socializing and continued bonding after our vacation in May. His recall already is very good. What a smartie. He's going to make a great leader for my sled team. We are still working on the counter surfing, but we've got him not jumping on the counters, he just jumps on us. Next step, no jumping. Ah yes puppy habits.

All news is good also with Bandit Boy! What a joy. He's feisty, makes me laugh constantly and I love it. What a personality. He is always seeking approval which I am happy to give. A great listener he has a great "come". His love for tissues and lint are amazing but that is slowing down and we are working on a better drop.

Fireball April 2003