Hi, I'm Bandit. I'm just over a year old. I'm a beautiful, black-and-white, blue-eyed boy who is good with kids and rides well in the car. I am housebroken and I know basic obedience commands. Sometimes I like to be a comedian; I lie down when you tell me to sit. I love to shake paws and catch treats in my mouth.

Here's Bandit's story, in his mom's words:

Bandit is a very affectionate dog and loves kids. Sometimes I think he believes he is a kid. He tries to go up the sliding board! He gives our parrot soft kisses (through the cage). He is furniture trained except for his own things. We have been able to cure him of digging under the fence. He only dug on one side of the fence. I think he wanted to visit with the neighbor's family but he didn't get far due to their fenced yard. He is very friendly with everyone. He has social skills with other dogs but he has no experience with cats. He loves to play catch no matter what size the ball is. If the ball is too big for his mouth he will tackle it! His funny quirk? He loves to be vacuumed! Sometimes he is jealous of the carpet. He sits patiently, watches and waits. He loves to be near you and follow you aroun the house or outside. One of his favorite things to do is to jump into a pile of leaves.

Our family doesn't have enough time to spend with him and we think he is very unhappy living with us. We love him and we want him to be happy. We hope to find Bandit a loving home with a patient person (or family) who is willing to take the time to give him the attention he craves. Bandit is accustomed to a fenced yard or must be leash walked and needs a warm home to sleep in.

Bandit was adopted, as his previous mom writes:

Hi Judy,

Bandit has a new home! Bob & Kim treat their dog, Sasha, just like one of their children. They told me alot about their dog, Sasha. After discussing all the things from the information that you have given me, and things I thought of as well, the they said that they have never been asked so many questions in regard to a pet. They were glad to discuss everything.

I believe I have made the right choice for Bandit. I have spoken to Kim and Bandit has adjusted well with Sasha. The dogs shared the same water bowl the first day. I am happy Bandit has a playmate and a loving family.

They said we can visit as many times as we would like too.

Thank you very much for all your help.

Best regards, Sue