Chila means strength in Russian, and she is one tough little girl. She was a stray, running the streets. Seeing her twice nearly hit by a car, a good samaritan took her in and did his best to find her owner and kept her safe, warm, and happy for many months but no loving owner was ever found, and the decision was made to surrender her to a shelter. Chila went to live with a TOTT foster home where she could learn manners and socialize with other dogs while she waited for her forever home. Little did her foster mom know, Chila had found her forever home.

Letter from Chila

It's September 1st! I don't know if any of you know what that means but I will tell you. Today I officially announce that I am not going anywhere ever again. That's right ladies and gentleman although tons of adopters have been knocking down my door I am staying put (BTW it doesn't matter to me that they decided I am too crazy once they meet me). My mom and dad say that I if I leave their home I will break my mom's heart and you know even though I appear to care less about my humans I really do love my mom and it hurts me to see her cry. Apparently my dad couldn't stand the thought of hurting her feelings either because at first he said if I didn't find a new family by December 1st I could stay, then it changed to September 1st and now the deal is done. I don't know why there is such a fuss. Kai and I knew that I was staying from the beginning and although I drive him bonkers he loves me and doesn't want me to go anywhere either.

I guess you can all stop fighting over me (although that could just be the voices in my head). I am never going on an adoption again. For all of you that have met me I am sure you will miss all the destruction, mischief and screaming that I do on adoptions but you'll get over it, I'm sure! Love, Chila

Here I am with my brother Kai!

under mom's feet ;)

taking a nap...