Cody is finally home, with Lori, Max and Kramer!

My name is CODY. Many of you members know me very well as I have been with TOTT twice now. I am a Husky/malamute mix, so they tell me. I don't know what that means other than maybe being part Mal means I can look over most of my buddies heads. And I do not need to counter surf to swipe things I just reach up look what is around and snag it.

I came into rescue about a year ago because I kept getting adopted by people who did not know how to entertain a big hunk of a dog like myself. You see, I can scale a 12.5 foot fence... No problem! They kept putting me outside by myself. I would get bored and over the fence I would go. I just wanted to play with the other doggies I saw on the other side of the fence. So the shelter called this rescue place and said, perhaps you will have better luck placing him in a husky savvy home. So I went to this nice foster family and lived there for a long while. Then one day some people said they wanted me to come stay with them. So I went to live there for about 6 months. They kept me in this nice wire crate which I loved because I can escape from these no problem. My family, they did not think it was so funny. So they gave me back the the nice foster family in rescue.

Then this really nice lady in the rescue group took me home from an adoption where I did not get picked. After a couple of weeks, I told her that I did not think I wanted to go anywhere else again. So I asked her and the other doggie who lives there if it was ok if I could stay. Then most important of all I asked permission from the Cat, who said I guess you can stay... so I took that as a yes.

I would like to thank my first foster family, the Brindenburgs, for taking such good care of me, both times. Jenna I miss you the mostest. I want to tell you that I am doing really good. We go to the dog park a few times a week. And there are lots of bones. Maxxy is pretty cool most of the time. Kramer comes and licks my ears sometimes and it really tickles but I like it. I even share my kennel with him.