Cody found his new home on Saturday August 15th, 2009.

On August 12th, TOTTSHR was contacted by email:

I have an elderly husky named Cody, he is a very nice dog, I think perhaps he's had a rough life, but my husband insists he isn't ready to be put down and we are going to be moving to Hawaii in January of next year. I honestly don't think he could handle the trip as he won't go in a crate, and due to his age just can't hold it for very long. Then of course when we got there, if we did manage to get him there, he would be completely miserable because of the heat and there is no AC there in most homes. I thought I had successfully rehomed him through craigslist, but the people who took him basically just threw him in the back yard and forgot about him. I took him back due to the fact he had lost close to 20lbs, his nails were so overgrown they were curling out, he hadn't been touched by a brush since they got him and he had a massive ear infection they weren't treating. So I had bloodwork done and a urinalysis, the vet says everything is fine! I treated the ear infection, have been grooming him and am trying to get weight back on him. I've been giving him asprin and cosequin to help with his old joints.

I would appreciate any help I could get in finding a good home for him. I'm really afraid to try placing him again, and honestly, if it weren't for my husband, I would probably just have him put down before we leave to spare him any more potential misery. It was heartbreaking to see him so poorly treated by the people who took him, they seemed like good people and assured me they would take great care of him. They lived in a nice area. I guess you never can tell. I'm sure he must have felt betrayed and when we first brought him home he wasn't himself at all. It was like he had just given up. He is starting to feel better and get more lively now, back to his old talking demanding self again ;) What should I do?

As it turned out we were in the process of scheduling an adoption for that coming weekend that Cody might be perfect for. Cody's family got in all the proper paper work to prove he was neutered and up-to-date on shots and on Saturday, August 15th he met Barb and her 13 year old husky named Zephyr along with two cats named Slappy & Rudy. And after meeting all the dogs, at the end of the day Barb decided that Cody should join her pack.

Update from his new mom on Aug. 16th:

Cody ate shortly after you left and then both boys crashed due to the excitement of the day. The old guys were tired! They proceeded to have a farting contest for the next four hours as they slept like bookends on the floor and Brad Lidge was blowing the game for the Phillies.

Cody had a good night. He has 2 holes dug already for his spot(s)in the yard.
Cody is now going up the steps in the backyard and he is going out the doggie door but will only poke his head back in. He needs some coaxing with a treat to come back in. He is learning by watching & following Zephyr in & out. As I said, both of you can contact me, visit, whatever....ANYTIME!

I want to THANK YOU and everyone who came out to make sure that Huskies have great homes!

Update from his new mom on Aug. 26th:

He is physically getting better every day. Ear infection /meds are working. Now he is back to normal: about 70-80% deaf. Made satin balls and he is getting sick because he eats it too fast. Doesn't eat allot of it, just too fast. Zephyr loves them. Still problems with going in/out doggie door but we make progress daily as he is now willing to go up/down the steps with the door open.

I know John said he worked nights and it shows. Cody is up all night, barks "at the wall" and sleeps all day! I think he has sundowners like the old folks get! ha!
I am working on waking him up at times during the day so he sleeps at night. Grumpy old men (Farting is a given) is not just a movie anymore. It's my house.

Everyone is settling in and getting along great. Tomorrow....the groomer! oooohhhh.. Should be a learning experience.