Daytona and Hombre

They both came from the Berks County Shelter of Reading PA. Daytona came into rescue on June 20th, 2001 and Hombre came into rescue on July 1st, 2001. Passing souls at the shelter who came together forever at the Geraghty home on July 7th, 2001.

Hombre and Daytona found their forever home with the Geraghty Family.

As we left ... the new couple (Daytona and Hombre) were running around their new backyard having so much fun.

Updates from the home front:

August 8th, 2001 Update

Dear Friends,

I would like to take a chance to update you on Daytona and Hombre. Both are very happy in their new home. It only took a few days for them to adjust to the new surroundings and each other. They have no trouble eating in the same room and can even share treats. They play with each other almost constantly. They love to chase each other although Hombre only catches Daytona when she lets him. They have some rope toys and a stuffed duck they use for tug of wars .

HombreHombre is really just a big puppy. He loves to lay across your lap and have you pet him. He Also will lay right next to you in bed and rest his head on your shoulder or chest. He walks around the yard and sniffs all the flowers and occasionally eats one. I have enclosed a picture of him checking one out.

DaytonaDaytona is apparently part alligator. She swims five to ten times a day and loves to stand in the water up to her shoulders. There is a picture of her swimming attached. She sleeps in my bed every night and sometimes will curl up right next to me.

These are two great dogs and we really love them both. Please keep up what you are doing it is indeed a noble undertaking.

Thanks, Bryan, Daytona, Hombre and the Geraghty Family

December 15th 2001 Update

Dear Friends,

I am sending you the latest news on Daytona and Hombre. Both are happy and well.

Hombre has lost his puppy coat and has gone from pumpkin orange to a shining chestnut. This has made it difficult to tell them apart in the dark.
Daytona has gained twenty pounds since her arrival. She has filled out very nicely and remains the most affectionate dog I have met. I hope you can see this in the pictures I have sent.

They love going for walks. It usually takes about two miles for them to begin to feel tired. I have sent a picture of them having a drink after a walk. Also I enclosed a picture of them sitting by the fence. This is their morning ritual as I leave for work every morning. They stay there until I drive away.

In October, when my Grandmother passed away the dogs were a great comfort to us all. Bringing happiness in the way that only animals can, especially to my mother.

Thanks & Happy Holidays
Bryan Geraghty

August 16th, 2003

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to let you know that last month Daytona & Hombre had thier second anniversary with us. They marked the day with cake and frosty paws. The frosty paws seem to be a hit. They are both doing great Daytona looked like she lost some weight but when we weighed her she was seventy pounds. Thats three more than Hombre. I think it mostly muscle though. Right now she is rolling around the house drying off from swimming. Hombre is still his being Hombre. A few weeks ago hombre took a whole chicken breast out of the sink that was defrosting. We walked into the room to find him with it sitting in front of him. I think he wants to go on the BARF diet. They also like sushi. Salmon seems to be the husky favorite. Anyway I hope your doing well. And good luck especially with the dogs from Hazlet.