Dorado (now known as Stout) was adopted on January 9, 2004 by Anshul Gupta.

Dorado was adopted before but came back to us after a year due to his previous owner's pregnancy. She felt he wouldn't accept a new baby because he is so used to BEING the baby.

After returning to TOTT, Dorado (or Pup Pup as we all know him) found his real forever home with Anshul. Funny how things work out, but Anshul had been at his girlfriend's adoption over a year ago (she adopted our Galileo, now Frodo) and had fallen for Dorado's laid back demeanor and devilish charm. Unfortunately, Dorado was adopted by another family that day. So when Dorado came back to rescue, Anshul knew he couldn't miss his chance twice. And as luck would have it, his girlfriend just happened to be Dorado's foster mom!

So now, sweet Pup Pup, or Stout as he's now called, has found a loving, wonderful home (that is also close to his foster mom's house, so she won't have to miss him too much) that will never give him up. He's grown into such a handsome young man since Anshul met him over a year ago, and Anshul says he couldn't ask for a better dog. They are already working on clicker training to take advantage of Stout's eagerness to learn, and Anshul is looking forward to introducing him to the joys of hiking and backpacking. Stout will surely miss playing with his foster brother, Frodo, but since they only live a few blocks away, they can visit any time they like!

Best of luck to sweet Pup Pup, who now has a place to really call his own!

Update from Dorado's (now Stout's) former foster mom on 2/4/04:

Well, Pup Pup is coming into his own and doing really well with Anshul. In fact, they crossed a major hurdle together over Super Bowl Sunday. When I was fostering Stout the only time he came in contact with a young one was over a baby gate at a party. The little 3 yr old reached over the gate to pat him on the head and Stout started to whine and then barked at him. But on Sunday, that same little boy and his 6 mo old brother were over at Anshul's house, and Stout was loose in the room with both of them with no problems. The little boy, Dylan, was even able to run around and go up to Stout, pet him, give him treats and there were absolutely no issues. I'm so proud of Pup Pup!!!!

Anshul has been working with him and clicker training, and it's coming along really well; Stout has the intelligence to excel at it. He loves his new yard, and has trained Anshul well in getting him to take walks every day. He gets to sleep on the bed, is not crated at all and is totally trustworthy alone for 9-10 hrs a day. He's really found the perfect home, and Anshul appreciates all his quirks that make him such a unique dog.

And then....

Yonne came into rescue a blind puppy with deformed eyes and despite all that the sweetest most determined little girl her foster mommy had ever met! She was originally found in an abandoned building in a busy city and taken to the shelter where TOTT pulled her into foster care. While in foster care she learned many things and it was determined she is and always would be blind....but that didn't stop her a bit!

On April 17, 2005 she found her furever home with Anshul and Stout (another former TOTT dog) in Maryland. It was love at first site for both of these guys and Yonne became Veda... their girl! She now hangs out at daddy's job at The Dawg Wash and makes new friends everyday! Anshul says the customers come in and greet Veda by name before him, she is just the sweetest thing around still! Veda and Stout are still fast friends and play at times, although Veda has a bit more energy then the laid back Stout...he handles her just fine though! Congratulations to Anshul, Stout and Veda....this VERY special girl has found a very special place to call home!

Update from Anshul April 23, 2005:


As Jodi said earlier- I couldn't have imagined a better week to have with two dogs. Yonne is doing great. I am still waiting for some type of issues to deal with... There really haven't been any yet! For the most part, they play, then sleep. She's way more independent than Stout, so it's been a help in some matters. Stout doesn't try and climb through the sliding glass door anymore to get back in because if Yonny comes up and the door doesn't slide open when she comes towards it, she goes back downstairs and wanders around the backyard some more(she LOVES going up and down stairs- thanks Jodi!!) I never thought I'd see the day when a blind dog RUNS upstairs to go to sleep. It's quite impressive. By the time I get up there, she's already curled up on the bed.

She's amazing at the wash... People love petting her and she loves it just as much. I've been asking people to say "hands" as they go in to pet her, the kids really love it. I've noticed customers stick around much longer than they did before and talk... They get to pet her for longer if they do:) She is starting to give a little whine when she needs to potty which is nice. She's only had one accident, which was my fault... I was rough housing and playing with her for a while and then gave her a ton of water and didn't think to take her out soon after. I didn’t hear her little whine (it's pretty soft) bc a couple of the dryers were on and I was cleaning a tub out!

She's eating like a pig and her stool looks good. I'm the in the slow process of changing their foods (after Wellness changed their lamb recipe, Stout's coat got dry and dull and his stool got a little runny for a while... I think he may need to stay away from the fish.) After reading and reading, I have both of them changing to Solid Gold. Stout's stool was finally normal this morning! They both eat it up too which is nice. I am looking forward to taking a few pounds off of Stout and on to Yonne. I do have to watch them when they eat. Yonne eats in her crate and one time, stout finished first and got to close. Nothing really happened, but she got annoyed enough to make stout hop the other way.

I haven't introduced toys together yet, but they are good about training together and taking treats. No rush on that though bc they have them during the day when yonne is with me and they chew on each other when they are together. Their play is rough, but very friendly. Stout tones it down if they get too close to something... He stopped dead one time when they pounced near the coffe table. She did too right after and looked a little confused. It was a little weird, but it felt good that Stout took care of his little sister. He doesn't bother her at all when she is coming up or down steps... He waits patiently.

Her leash training is coming along and she's very manageable. It's helps that she's half of Stout's weight! She's starting to follow the edge of the sidewalk and grass during the morning walk. I walk them separately now, but I'm sure after a month or two, she'll get the route down and I can couple them together again. I tried it the second day and poor Stout had a terrible walk... It just looked like he was saying to me "thanks buddy- that's great, strap a bouncy, blind dog to me... Make it stop!" She seems to be calming down now that she's had a chance to get familiar with the neighborhood a little bit.

She's been good in the car and we are already much better at getting in and out. She's very patient and sits calmly when I run in to get my coffee.. The café owner saw her on Wednesday and said I could pull right up front instead of using the lot so I could keep an eye on her while we talk in the mornings. Who thought having a blind dog could save you time!

I could really write forever about this... It's such an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to get Stout... All I can do now is count my lucky stars at night when they are laying by my side. Thank you all so much for both of them. I couldn't have paid a million dollars for two better dogs.