Eliza's mom shares her happy tail:

ElizaWe adopted Eliza from the Gainesville Pet Rescue, in Florida. She was an internet love affair. For months I had been scouring www.petfinder.com for our new addition, and one night before bed she was there. A beautiful Siberian husky/yellow lab mix with blue eyes, and a birthday that was just a day before mine. It was love at first sight! I called the GPR and they agreed to do their first-ever long-distance adoption. All arrangements were made and I flew down that weekend to pick her up.

Eliza (as we have named her) is by far the most laid-back puppy we have ever met. She is constantly praised about her behavior by everyone who meets her. She has made friends with all of the neighborhood dogs (some of whom are 10x her size). She is funny and loving and has been not only a blessing to us, but to our family and friends as well. The day after our Nation's worst disaster we brought her into our Boston office and she was a great comfort all of our co-workers in their time of grief. She gave kisses and cuddles, and was able to bring smiles to their faces.

She is now 13 weeks old and has learned all her basic commands. In fact we most of the time we say the commands just to say them because she knows them so well they are almost an automatic response. Before we leave the house she sits and waits patiently for you to open the door, when we come inside she sits again and waits for you to remove the leash. Before she retrieves something, she sits and shakes....and then runs to get it and brings it back to your lap. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with her being part retriever, but you can't help notice the husky blood in her. The eyes, and her occasional defiance, and her love for the outdoors. We have recently begun preparatory training so that in the future she will be able to assist others as both a therapy as well as a search and rescue dog.

Words cannot express our gratitude to the Gainesville Pet Rescue for
bringing her into our lives.

Sincerely, Erinn Larsen