This sweet one-year-old girl was left outside to die by her previous owners. She was tied to a structure that at one time might have resembled a dog house. Shivering from the cold with a coating of skin covering her visible bones, she cowered in the corner of what she knew as her home. With no water and no food supplied by her family, she somehow managed to survive the circumstances she had come into. When Animal Control Officers arrived to investigate, this is the horrific scene they found. Eternity was immediately taken from this death camp.

January 9th, 2001 will be a day she will never forget, as this is the day she learned what caring, warmth, and love are. That was the day she met her foster family and soon to be her forever home. She immediatly took to everyone and especially loved to snuggle up with the kids and play with her new four-legged pals. Due to her past home, she was immediately taken to the vet. She was a quiet, brave girl while she received her shots and her heartworm and CBC tests. Although her ideal weight is at least 40 pounds, Eternity weighed in at only 28 pounds!

On February 18th, 2001, her foster family made it official. As it turns out, the day that Eternity left the shelter for her foster home was the day that she stole some hearts. Eternity is now home--her foster home has taken her in as a permanent part of the family!