Gypsy and Jerricho

GYPSY AND JERRICO, this is their story ...

First it was Gypsy ...

Gypsy's story begins with her arrival at the Lancaster SPCA, as she was found wandering the streets. She flashed those beautiful blue eyes and soon won herself a home. Unfortunately, those blue eyes could only win her a home for a day, as a lack of understanding about the playful antics of the breed shone brighter. Her shine was dimmed by the return to the kennels... she no longer wanted food and began to fall into despair. The rescue was notified of this little light and her flame was re-ignited upon her arrival in her foster home. We knew it wouldn't be long before she found her loving new home ... and our prophecy came true when Gypsy met the Roio Family. She was adopted on February 16th, 2001. Gypsy shares her home with 2 cats, her new parents and her 3 year old friend. Together this happy family will enjoy a life of love and companionship.

Then it was Jerricho ...

We received a call that Gypsy needed a playmate! And Jerricho joined the crew on March 9th, 2001.

Sweet Jerricho has been to a lot of places as he was adopted out several times through the SPCA before he arrived in a foster home with Tails of the Tundra. We knew it wouldn't take long for this sweet boy to find his forever home...who knew it would be with Gypsy?

Update from the Roio family 12/28/01:

"Gypsy and Jerricho are the two best dogs anyone could ever ask for. Jerricho is an ear nibbler and is now an 85-pound baby who thinks he weighs only 20 pounds. He loves to be rocked in your lap, on his back, like a baby. He also loves to sing. Jerricho does not like to be left alone--I learned that quickly. He ate my wall, my dishwasher, and my couch, and then went into the kitchen cabinet and ate all the cookies! But that's OK; he's still perfect to me.

Gypsy loves to boss Jerricho around but he likes it. Gypsy and I 'talk and argue' back and forth all the time as to who's boss. She now weighs 43 pounds."