Isis and Dervish

It all started with Isis. A stray who ended up at the Lancaster County Humane League. She soon wandered into the hearts of Bob and Kathy on August 20th, 2000 and she is now known as Nikki! About 4 months later we received THE email. "We need another!" The potato chip syndrome had struck again! We knew that Dervish fit the bill. He was the next chip for Bob and Kathy. And so one January 14th, 2001 Dervish joined Nikki! Together the two will have a great time together.

Check out some great moments of this pair caught on film!

IsisNikki was first, so she is the queen of the kingdom. She rules the backyard and her willing subject...the humble Dervish.

DervishDervish stands proud... surveying the land for his queen. He is so happy to be home.