Juno found his forever home on September 27, 2004 with Ed, Colleen and Sasha.

November 5, 2004 Juno's new mom writes:

I was just sitting in my newly fenced in back yard around 4PM, and enjoying watching the guys running around and playing, and said to myself I need to let Brenda and Joe know how well things are going. They get along great. Looks like Sasha is boss. They are both so well behaved... They still both love their crates at night. Sasha goes in by 9PM. Juno doesn't go in until Ed goes in to bed. But always a peaceful night sleep. They will even stay in the crates until we are dressed to pee walk them. No problem. Neighbor friends are so amazed at how calm they are. I just feel that with enough exercise and love they don't need to act up. Plus I got really lucky with these guys. I keep saying to Ed, "these guys are so perfect" couldn't ask for more. Love them to death. Now Ed has fantasies about another. I say not quite yet. All in all we are thrilled with our family.

November 12, 2004 -- ... a very happy home here with Sasha and Juno.
They are just the best.

Happy Holidays from Sasha and Juno!

Update January 2005

Juno jumped on the bed and Sasha followed right behind him. They are growing closer and closer everyday. They often lick each other, and always look forward to running around together in the backyard. Juno is so well mannered. They play hard and sleep really well, often touching each other if not crated.

Juno and Sasha love to play in the yard. It is great fun to watch them in the snow. They love to run around and wrestle with each other. When we first adopted Juno, it appeared that Sasha was "boss", but Juno seems to be moving into that role. Ed and I just have a blast watching them play. Colleen