Hi Everyone it's Katina. I had to write and let you know that I finally did it, I wiggled my way too deep into my Mommy's heart and now she won't let me move out, she told me over the weekend that I had found my forever home with her. I always knew I had, but I don't think she really knew for sure. On Saturday we went to "Bark in the Park" and I got to spend time with My Mom, Susan & David Noyes, Lola & Star Shine, and Leslie. I had so much fun. My Mommy took me through the agility course and I think I did pretty dang awesome. I even went up the seesaw and almost made it down the other side until it started to fall and I jumped off I told my Mom I wanted to practice that more cause it was so much fun. I want to go to these events as much as I can because I had a blast and since I am staying with Mommy, now I can J. On Sunday I went to a cook out with Mom, my brother Vega, and my sister Xindhi. My Mom gave me a piece of Filet and I knew I definitely was not going to let her adopt me out to anyone else after that. I told her "Mommy, I want to stay with you forever, so I can eat more of this amazing filet and play with you" So she said, "OK, baby you get to stay and I will spoil you forever and ever"

Katina "My Mommy's little angel"