Banshey and Ladygray


Adopted on June 30th, 2000

A picture and a letter from the happy family...

Roww-rr-rrr (Siberian Greetings) from the Wise Pack!!!

Family PortraitWe are four happy and healthy Sibes thanks to the attention and patient guidance we have received. In return, we offer love in abundance. As can be seen by our “Siberian smiles” the daily walks combined with high quality dog food keep us quite content. Even though Sibes are shown most often outside, they really like being with a family inside too.

We want to thank all the kind people involved with Tails of the Tundra. Their foster home system made us feel comfortable and cared for. Banshey (red and white) and Ladygray (gray and white) lived with two separate foster families and after a well-chaperoned meeting to see that everyone would get along, became excellent additions to Destyny (foreground) and Kyrye (laying down).

If you have the time (Sibes get lonely) and the energy (walking and brushing), Siberians are a very rewarding breed. Even if you can’t adopt from Tails of the Tundra, a donation would help to preserve the life and dignity of these Siberians.

Thanks again to the Tails of the Tundra “family”-we hope all the Sibes find happy permanent homes.

- WiseSiberianeyes@aol.com

P.S. If Tails of the Tundra is not convenient to your location, please contact and/or donate to any Siberian care group. Rawll-roul (thank you!)!

Check out what we received from the happy family!

5 Huskies!Our Very Best Wishes To Everyone At
Tails of the Tundra

From The Wise Siberians:
Ladygray, Azure Fyre, Destyny, Kyrye

December 2001

Update from Mom on 9/28/03 (she titled it 1+1+2+1= the Wise pack):

All five girls (with tails) send their Siberian smiles.

Please allow me to introduce the team:

Kyrye ( KI-ree) is our eldest, at 8, and the only one that directly came from a Siberian breeder. She has medium length tri-color hair and two blue eyes.

Destyny (destiny) is our first adoptee: a local puppy that had seen many hardships in her first 2 years. These included multiple shelters and homes, plus a pregnancy. When we first saw her, she didn't even look like a Sibe :-(.. malnourished, very little hair (no double coat and a furless tail), and a skeleton visible through her thin skin. Even then, she still possessed the will and energy to to be our most energetic 'walker'. She is now a healthy and happy 4 year old with a velvety black & white coat and ever alert eyes, one brown, one blue.

Next on the time line come Lady (now LadyGray) and Banshey (ban-SHAE..once called Grizzle, then Banshee. The 'Y' is our name theme :-) ).
These are our two TOTT babies. Paige, Scott, and Michelle were so helpful in introducing them to the first two, staying the afternoon to ensure the well being of everyone.

LadyGray was a chubby little pewter colored girl with deep brown eyes..a Siberian version of a barn owls' face. While timid and quiet, she never exhibited the food aggressive tendencies once thought to have had. L.G. has only improved! With love, exercise and a good diet, her coat has gone from wiry to soft (and still sooooo thick). Her figure is more defined and her 'flame tail' ( it tapers towards the tip) stands straight up while on daily walks or refereeing the others' play. She eats with her bowl only about 18 inches from Bansheys' :-O. During the last few months, their veterinarian has put her on DES to help with some bladder control. We believe her ability to sleep and nap so soundly shows her comfort within herself and with her Sibe sisters/cousins.

Banshey was quite the hands full (yes, both hands on the leash!). She was thought to have been a stray and definitely wanted her way! While she has alpha tendencies, they're really now more the form of group leader/home protector. She loves playing with Destyny and Azure (the baby). She actually holds back when Lady lets them know they are getting too wild. (you have to see it to believe it) Yes, being closer to a male Siberians' size, she does have "counter curiosities ;-) However, as a good parent must do with young children, we too are always aware of 'temptations'. Their safety is first and foremost. Her cinnamon and sugar coat gets her noticed, but its her one blue and one split (brown upper and blue lower) eye that gains her the intrigue from all whom she meets. This once overbearing pup now begs for tummy rubs. And when settling in for bed, loves to rub her back on the carpet and show her paws (a baby at heart!).

Finally (for now), is the 2 year old, AzureFyre. Another tri-color girl with two azure blue eyes. She too is a local rescue, coming from an inner city house with ten chickens, a goat, and a very nasty Pitbull. The people that lived in the house didn't provide the proper puppy chow. Plus, with no rear door on the place, all the animals roamed and eliminated themselves everywhere :-( Once we eliminated the worms from her system, she too gained her Siberian stance & figure. Her ability to use her paws like a boxer, plus her near Banshey height, makes for an equal 'sparring' partner when Banshey feels extra frisky.

The pack would like to share their daily food plan. Morning (approximately 7AM) is a large Milkbone. After their walk, mid morning snack is one-half piece of toast per pup. The evening (5PM) meal is about a cup of Hill's Science Diet lamb & rice kibble with dessert being one or two baby carrots (they must be candy to Sibes :-) ) Special treats are a natural mint/parsley biscuit/cookie (there are a few brands).

One of the best times in the evening, while watching television or listening to music (they love soft jazz), they all gather & lay (usually touching one another) around one certain chair...ahhhhh, surrounded and protected by the pack, life at its fuzzy best!

While all dogs (get to) go to heaven, we were blessed with sharing a 'forever home' with our five :-)

Wet noses and wagging tails to all of you !???? ( <-- Lady's straight tail and the others' Sibee curl ;-) )

Update 7/2/05

Hello to all the Si-Bee pals (((((????!))))))) <-- four curled tails and one "flame tail" waggin' :-)

LadyGray (the flame tailed one) will sleep through anything. At fourteen, she has earned her peace and privacy when she wants it.
Kyrye (not an adoptions, so to speak) prefer to curl-up and stay calm.
Destyny and AzureFyre lay side by side. Its a comfort as well a strength in numbers thing ;-)
Good ol' Banshey goes 'on duty'. Being of 'Beta' personality, she feels it is her job to be the house guardian....for anything & everything.

As for overall news:
There is good and bad in our immediate future. Due to a separation from my companion, we have sold our home. We will miss the 'country club' neighborhood and all its benefits. However (now the good news).. we have bought a three tier townhouse :-) The stairs are carpeted just like the custom contemporary we are leaving, so that LadyGray will be able to safely use them (her arthritis hinders her climbing abilities). Just like the house, the townhome has a deck..actually two, both with awning/overhead features. Since we will have the 'builders best end unit', it is also one of the two largest in the entire, single road neighborhood. The lady that sold it shared a love of nature with her departed husband. Therefore the 'side yard' is totally landscape with mulch, shrubs, and trees. Again, not much different than what my five Siber-pups were used to...for their potty area. It is as if 'The Great Siberian' (think great pumpkin only fuzzy..LOL)) was watching out for a safe, comfortable home for us to transition into :-) Our 'unit' (group of five townhomes) is at the very top of a hill and cul-de-sac. This means LadyGray can still have her mini-walks in the 'circle' and the other 'tuggers' can be sure to exercise me down and back up the street ;-). With the steep hill to the back, we have a view for miles and no neighbors to contend with peeking in all the sliding glass doors (three sets, plus other oversized windows). This adds to the similarity between home and townhome..perfect views of sunsets.

LadyGray is very slow to do anything, Since the 'dry eye' wasn't properly treated before she came to me, her vision is lights and darks at best. Most evening her appetite is very good. She likes a teaspoon of added flavoring(tomato soup, thinned gravy, etc..) to moisten her Hill's Science Diet Advance kibble. Its easy on her teeth & gums, plus has her cleaning her bowl. She also had a cancerous growth removed from her colon...no further problems, yea! She is very thin..not much 'fat' between coat & bones, but still loves cool floors and air conditioning vents as favorite nap spots. Nature's Creations breath mint 'cookies' are her favorite treat/breakfast (the others get large Milkbones). She still has a bright life flame :-)

Banshey is still the only 'woofer' of the five. They others have cute 'talk' but she is the only one to bark.
Kyrye, Destyny, and Azure love to take turns vying for attention. Bansh' like a bit of space at times and other times wants a face rub :-)
All five are the hit of their new neighborhood..adults and children love to visit, pet, and learn about then. Their unique eyes make everyone even more curious. Lady's two brown eyes against the white face give her that Barn Owl look. Kyrye's two blues are bright & expressive. Destyny's one blue and one brown fit her crazy, playful nature. Azure's two light blues (thus the name) are soft and large. And Banshey's one blue and the other 'split' has everyone wondering and wanting a closer look.

We hope the future offers only positives. As long as I have them and can proved their 'forever home' my heart & soul will be filled with hope & happiness!!

Update 11/25/05

Lady (LadyGray) has gone to 'The Rainbow Bridge'. About one year ago she has a cancerous tumor remove and was doing quite well, considering her age (estimated at 14). I had changed her (and Kyrye's) food to Hill's Science Diet Advanced Formula. Both of the older Siber-girl seemed to benefit from it. Lady was more alert and was even eating better. Last Monday she had a very large bowel movement in the house (and all down the carpeted stairs)..which she had never done before. From that evening on, she didn't want her food but did eat a piece of toast. The next day, she didn't want any food of any kind. The next morning the vet let us come without an appointment. He said that various symptoms lead him to believe her cancer had returned throughout her system and that she may have suffered a mild stroke. At that point I felt it best to let her soul find freedom from her bodily discomfort. I held and kissed her as the vet gave her 'the shot'. We shared her final sign :-(.....

She was a special part of many lives...mine, yours, and the foster mom that brought her to my home. Please share this information with anyone whom had the pleasure of knowing lil' Lady. Her date of passing was: Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

I know, in my heart, that she is with my first Siberian (Taltia = TALL-she-AH ). Their spirits are free to run and play Siberian games, in the heavens :-)

I've lost a loved one, but gained a special memory..
Nena R. Wise