After many months of really considering Lakota II a foster and actively bringing him to adoptions in hope of finding him a forever home, Gregg has caved! I would love to know how many of you already guessed that would happen!

We have decided that Lakota is staying with us and his furry siblings. Over the past six months he has come along way in his behavior and is a pleasure to have. He no longer gets snarly around food, actually he even drops it from his mouth when asked without hesitation (all except the giant roast beef that he stole, but I don't think any of my dogs would have dropped that slab of beef). Every morning as the other dogs pace to go outside, Lakota barely opens his eyes and stays in bed with Gregg and I. He has learned that by staying in bed, he gets more belly rubs! He is a big baby and will whine and cry if the other dogs look at him wrong. It is not uncommon to have him crawling into our laps for protection. When the other dogs will not play with him he shrugs it off by chasing his own tail around and around in circles. How could we possibly live without his antics?