I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus!

My name is Lokai and I am a very special dog according to my mom and dad, Bev and Mike. I came to their house and I was a mess. Someone had cut off all my hair, and put a chain on me so tight that I had marks all over my neck. My mom took extra special care of me and got me back to be looking like the gorgeous boy that I am. I was supposed to be my mom's foster dog, whatever that means. I think it meant that I would one day live in another house. You know, to tell the truth, I never really thought I'd fit into anyone else's house because I knew where I belonged.

On Christmas 2004 my mom got really excited and started hugging and squeezing me and my dad. After a year and a half Mike had made it so I would never go on to another house. He played Santa and gave mommy to me for Christmas. What a great guy. It was the best Christmas gift ever! Now I am a brother to Sindari, the twins Yasha and Yuri and of course Quinn (or Quinn-cess as we like to call her) another foster pup that my mom just couldn't part with. We are all one big happy family but I wonder who will be next year's present?

Lokai, who everyone knows as Pood's, is doing great, he's almost 10 yrs old now, he's been my fuzzy butt boy for 6 yrs now. He's still the clown face boy he was when I first clapped eyes on him, except he has a much fuller coat now. These pictures below were taken yesterday 7/30/09 in my yard. Lokai, like my four other Sibe's, is the love of my life. Lokai's Mom Bev and his brothers Yasha, Yuri, Tristin and sister Quinn.