Magnum was adopted on March 27th, 2001 and
joined by Annastasia on November 11th, 2001.

The Magnum Man was Here ... now his name is Olsen!

...well, he's wasn't exactly a man, he's was only four months old! A beautiful pup, pure white with one blue eye and one brown eye.

He was surrendered by his owners just because he was acting his age--can you imagine? The SPCA contacted us and he officially arrived on the scene March 23rd, 2001. His vet appointment was set for the next day ... and that was the day he met his new mom. A Vet Tech at the office fell in love with Magnum, as he fell for her.

Magnum became a part of the Svanda family on March 27th, 2001. His mom takes him to work everyday where the office welcomed him in with a special kennel of his own. They even decorated it ... talk about spoiled!

Stories like these often make you wonder if all things happen for a reason.

On November 11, 2001 Olsen welcomes another permanent family member--Annastasia, who up until today lived with him as a foster sister!

Annastasia found what she always wanted--love and a home--Annastasia was adopted by a wonderful family with two human companions (Chris and Steve), three cats (Jack, Gilly, and NONOBADKITTY NOAH), and two dogs (Matty and Olsen). This family is none other than... Annastasia's foster family (and Magnum a.k.a. Olsen's adoptive family-- the Svandas!!

Her foster mom tells the story:

"We all voted to keep Annastasia (Stasia). Matty was again beside herself when Stasia went on her adoption today and Steve knew it was because she was missing her companion in crime, Stasia. I came home to find her moping on the couch, not her--no interest in the dry wall or in eating the couch, just laying on it. Steve and I gave each other the all-knowing 'SUCKER!' look and started the vote. Matty gave hers all too quickly. Olsen sat back and said 'Well she wasn't all that bad besides peeing on the floor.' NONO really liked snuggling with her in bed at night and was more than happy to accept his heating blanket permanently into our home. Jack, well he's Jack and couldn't care less anymore ('What's one more? I've already lost my dog aggressive cat identity!') Gilly says that as long as she stops chasing me to the potty, she really didn't care.

That left me and Steve... I love her to death and the bed just isn't the same without our backwarmer and rude awakenings with sibe/Stasia kisses. Steve said 'Well, here's your Christmas present.'

So there you have it--Stasia has now become a permanent part of our home. We're still going to foster; we couldn't give up that part of our lives. Four isn't so bad, although I'll have to let you know at 5am when all of them are jumping on me to be let out. Who could resist her sweet face?!?"