Raven was officially adopted on April 26th, 2003!

Raven's Story as told by her new mom:

The post read: "Does anyone have room to foster a 3 month old red and white female". I couldn't type a response fast enough. We had been looking to add another "baby" to our family, however we didn't want to go through a breeder or least of all a pet store. We figured the right little girl would come along through rescue, eventually. Now here she was.

Having been bounced through two homes already in her short lifetime, she was now alone and scared in a cage in a noisy shelter. We were told that she is shy and of course a little scared, but warms up rather quick. Well, it didn't take her long to warm up to us when we met her along with Cindy and Gerry who had fostered her for a few nights until we could arrange to pick her up. It also didn't take her long to warm up to her three new husky sisters, Nikki, Rookie and Shylo, who all are rescues too.

Now the big thing was to come up with the right name. We narrowed it down to 3 or 4 from a long list, but as we watched her ravenously attack her dinner, we knew, Raven would be her name. She lives up to her name daily at feeding time and in between with lots of counter surfing. (We still have some manners we need to refine.)

She is currently attending obedience class and we hope someday will earn her Canine Good Citizen Certificate like her three big sisters. For now we are just enjoying having a baby in the house again. It's only been a few months but I don't even remember what it was like before life with Raven.