At the age of two, this red and white husky with two different colored eyes (one eye is a parti-eye) needed to find a new home.

Her previous home described her to be a friendly girl who is trustworthy in the house, crate trained, and housetrained. She is good on leash, after she works the initial excitement of the walk out of her system. She knows basic obedience commands and is a good car traveler.

ShyanSo why, you ask, did Shyan need to look for a new home? Her human parents were expecting a child and could no longer give her the time and attention she craved. As a result, she had been getting into a bit of mischief. She was escaping from her 4-foot fenced yard by chewing on and pushing through some of the loose aluminum ties along the bottom of the fence. On one excursion, she chased and caught an older cat, who subsequently died (possibly from fright, as no puncture wounds were found).

Shyan on couchWell that special home that could give her the attention she craved was found on May 19th, 2002 with her new mom Melissa.

Shyan now lives with her new Mommy and Daddy, a canine buddy named Whisper and a feline friend too!

Shyan is learning to adjust to her new home and they love her so much. Each day Shyan is blessed with the time and attention she craves.

Thank you to her new family who has welcomed into their hearts and a thank you to her previous family who took the time to help Shyan find the right home for her!

June 3rd, 2002 - Update from her new Mom & Dad:

Shyan is finally starting to relax here. She and Whisper have a great time playing with each other now. We think they have finally worked things out. It's funny to watch them. There are times when Whisper doesn't want to play and Shyan does and then there are other times where Whisper is running circles around Shyan and Shyan just sits there watching her with the funniest look on her face. It's as if she is thinking, "If she thinks I'm going to run in circles chasing her, she is out of her mind. This dog is crazy!" Shyan and Specter (our cat) on the other hand, well, we are still working on that. She is always on the prowl looking for him to play with but we think she is starting to get bored with the idea. :) At least we hope so. She is doing good with the "Leave it" command! She is learning to go to the door and bark when she wants to go outside and she loves to have conversations with us at dinner time, when we are trying to talk on the phone, and when we are trying to talk to each other. She definately puts her opinion into the conversation and sometimes we swear she is chewing us out for not including her in the conversation. As for the re-housebreaking goes, that is definately going much better. We found that a longer leash has helped that issue and we've had only one indoor problem for almost a week now. Oh yeah, she has also found that she loves to take a nap while the piano is being played. We've had a few hurdles but they are definately worth it. She's an excellent dog and we all are enjoying her and her personality.

Melissa and Dave Davis

Happy in her new home!June 19th, 2002 - Update

She is doing much better. She is really starting to get Housebreaking 101 finally!!! As with Whisper, they are doing really good. They both initiate play time. We get a kick out of watching them because they get so wound up sometimes that they start doing laps around the house. Whisper gets worn out faster than Shyan so Shyan just jumps over her if she gets in the way. I don't think Whisper realizes that Shyan jumped over her. :) As for the cat, well, we are still working on that one. Shyan is starting to relax around him a little bit but still wants to play with him. She does get bored with him a bit but she lays somewhere where she can keep an eye on him. He makes sure he can also keep an eye on her. :) She's really becoming a part of our family now and everyone here loves her. We've taken some pictures and I've even added her to my website (http://home.earthlink.net/~grapedy and click on "the dog house").

Melissa and Dave Davis

Shyan and Whisper

August 5th, 2002 - Update from her new Mom & Dad:

Well, we have some very awesome news to share!!! Shyan has finally passed housebreaking 101 and catbreaking 101 with success!! Yes, you heard correctly, catbreaking. She is now ignoring the cat and he (the cat) is finally starting to come into the same room as her on his own!!! She just watches him to see where he is going and then does her own thing. We are so happy for that. There are still a few times though that he gets a little timid but for the most part, they are finally getting much more used to sharing the same living space. :) Whisper and Shyan are now best buddies and we have even noticed a few times where Shyan has been a little protective over Whisper. Especially when it is bath time. She becomes quite concerned and curious as to what is happening with Whisper. All-in-all, we are starting to become one big happy family. :)

Melissa and Dave Davis

February 2nd , 2005 - Update:

Shyan is doing great. She has learned several new tricks besides escaping
her crate. She has learned how to SIT, STAY (depending on her mood), give PAW, and give her OTHER paw. She sometimes knows when things are bad to LEAVE IT alone. The cats favorite one is when she is laying own sleeping and playing dead.

She still trys to chase the cat once in a while but I think it's just when she wants to get in trouble and all in fun because as soon as she does it she looks us like, "Did you see me, I was trying to chase the cat?" Then she goes over to Specter (when he comes back) and gives him a big lick in the face.

She and Whisper get along great and they are inseparable now. We went to West Virginia for Christmas this year. We took Shyan with us while Whisper stayed at my parents house. We dropped Whisper off the night before we left. Shyan didn't know what to do without Whisper except to lay down and pout. I guess you can say they built a dogship.

Shyan definately a lot of fun this Christmas. We got a chocolate bar (celebration bar for the arrival of our new nephew) and we left it under the Christmas tree. Next thing we knew, little Miss Nestle herself was carrying it upstairs (she didn't eat any though). We swear she must have been having a sweet tooth or something. Dave received a tin full of chocolates and was eating them while Shyans head followed each move of his hand from the tin to his mouth. After the final lick of the chops, he closed the tin and leaned back to get a gift from under the tree. Next thing we knew, she claimed the tin as hers. (check out the picture).

We've really been enjoying her company and personality. She's been around people and kids of all ages, including babies and is great with them all. She's been an excellent husky and we love her to death!!

April 2011 Shyan crossed the Rainbow Bridge:

Shyan has passed on from Liver Failure. She was a great Husky and we have enjoyed all the time we had with her since her adoption in May 2002. She had a great personality, was great with kids & babies (especially her human baby sister Michela), other dogs, and even cats. She was very loyal and loving and will be dearly missed.