Tigger has had a rough life, but with her wonderful temperament she has taken everything in stride. It all started with her 1st home that raised her from a puppy, by the time Tigger had turned 2 year old, they decided they no longer had time for her. Tigger found her new home with a family that loved and adored her...but they did not use a crate and soon Tigger was leaving "presents" in the house while the family out of the house. Tigger soon found herself in search of a good home again. She found that home with Goellner Family. Thanks to the Goellner family for welcoming Tigger into their home and hearts!

News from the Homestead, February 3rd, 2002:

Sorry it took sooo long but my daughter wanted her to have a bath first...Tigger likes to play in the mud!!! She was cleaned (no bath, but she has an appointment next week). Here is our Tigger with her older brother Magic (another adoptee). Isn't she just beautiful, she's sooo good, but she does complain if her brother is getting tooo much attention (which is any). No favorites on my part (can you tell). We love them both, but Tigger ALWAYS goes nuts when Amma comes (Magic hides and an hour later he comes to play with Amma)... Thank you again, and may God bless you all.
Joyce Tor(Amma)
Ronnilyn Goellners' mom

Tigger and Magic