Xeno has found his forever home!

Xeno (now named Cano) is doing great. He is such a happy dog and yes me and Rob are still very in love with him. We constantly fight about "Cano loves me more." "No, Cano loves me more" The neighbors love him, I haven't met some of my neighbors, but now have because they come running up to us when we are walking and Cano loves it. He gets much attention everywhere we go! Next weekend my best friend is visiting from out of town with her husky girl named Kio and he has become great friends with the jack russell, Daisy, who came over when we first met Cano. The pooping in circles is still a problem and we're trying to work on this! I've never seen a dog walk around and around so much while pooing. Hopefully he grows out of it!

Silly Cano.

Well we love him so much no matter what his silly bad habits may be. He is truly a great dog and a gread addition to our little fam :)