Zeke's foster mom writes:

TOTTSHR's Queen of the Frontier called begging us to take a dog temporarily. 'I swear! No more than two weeks!' she said. So we agreed. I met her at the appointed time and place and had my heart stolen by one of the most gorgeous red-heads I've ever seen. But keeping that feeling suffused, I took Zeke and the assurance that two weeks and he would be placed and went to face my hubby who had grudgingly granted the foster.

When Zeke walked into the house and my husband saw him, he said what my heart said, "Wow!!! He's a goregeous dog!!" Two days later we searched our hearts and asked ourselves the hard questions and agreed that we could not let Zeke go. He had walked right into his forever home! I agreed he was wonderful, and my husband agreed he needed a male companion to do some bonding with, being surrounded in a household of women. And Zeke, well...Zeke just loves being surrounded by his women-folk so it couldn't have been a better fit.